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Dark Egret (1 Viewer)


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Dark Egret

It was a fortress, glacier made
designs discerned by lost time
dug from aeons of shells paid

Bone white still visible in spots
where the birch and maple thin
raw scars on a corridor of knots

And it was from these reaches
a soul dared to defy the laws—
a leap above pebbled beaches.

Long fingers, white and wide
lifted to trace a fresh breathed
Westerly, no place left to hide.

Saffron and sour green awake
to infuse a slumberous indigo,
and in its shadows she quakes.

Beneath the faded cottonwood
the still river an aphotic mirror,
in the dark the fledgling stood.


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As usual, this has breathtaking imagery, majestic vistas... and the last line is a portent of a new arrival, and new poems to come... hopefully ;)