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Danger: Novice Ahead (1 Viewer)


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I hesitated introducing myself until I’d had an opportunity to wander through the hallways, and poke my head into a few forums to see how the natives were behaving. All and all, a calm group of folks, considering how much we’re starved for attention. That sums up what I think about writers, a nursery of undisciplined infants all demanding to be feed and watered and loved. I’m relatively sure that if a poll was taken, it would show that most writers missed out on breast milk, forced to the bottle too quickly. Just think what you missed. With the proper natal attention, you could be sitting in an easy chair right this moment watching a reality show with some contentment – it just wasn’t your luck.

My bad luck was a minor injury at sixty-two. With three feet of snow outside and housebound, I was forced to start typing – Mother’s milk was a long ago option no longer available. Without a formal education serving as a barrier, I started slow, cautiously writing out the noun and verb. Now, eleven months later, I’m still struggling with the basics but the honesty of strangers has helped. I make tons of mistakes but have no delusions of grandeur – you will eventually notice, I do not take myself too seriously. My gold is to write a clear, readable story. If someone laughs at an idea or thinks ‘ I know how he feels, I’ve felt the same’ , so much the better.

Be warned though, my method of critiquing is by the seat of the pants, even primitive sometimes- I feel more than I know.

And also, thanks for letting me wander in. This feels like a great community.

Adrian Hayter


Hello and welcome to the community, Adrian Hayter. Very glad you wandered in. Enjoy!


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Danger: Novice Ahead
that's nothing to be concerned about, adrianhayter ...
you know why they're called novices?
no vices ... not yet corrupted by knowledge and experience ...

so, welcome ... and hope you enjoy being corrupted ...