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I know The Da Vinci code is his best selling novel, however, there are some extremely good novels by him besides it.

Take a look at.

Angels & Demons - this is a pre-davinci novel, it includes most some of the same character. You wont be able to put it down.

Deception Point - Amazing, its a different kind of story, showing Dan Brown can write different styles if he wishes. I would also recommend this and give it 5 Stars.

p.s I left out digital fortress because I sadly have not read it :shock:


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And if you liked The DaVinci Code you may also enjoy The Daughters of God, being that its the book Brown ripped off.


I've read all four of them, but I found them to be interesting rather than putdownable, possibly because of the hype surrounding The Da Vinci Code.

In my mind, Angels And Demons was much the same as TDVC, and a much more enjoyable book, but I preferred Deception Point out of all of the four books.[/i]


I have also read all four of his books, and have to say that The Da Vinci Code in my oppinon is the worst out of his four. The best two are Angels and Demons, and Deception Point.


I read Digital Fortress, his first book, and I'd have to say it's very good. It's hard to put down...and is quite well-written. Havn't read the Da Vinci code yet, but I will.


Angels & Demons was the first (and only) Dan Brown book i've read. I must admit I couldn't put it down. It was very well written and the facts were amazingly accurate. I'd definitely recommend it to people :)

I have yet to read his other works ^^


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Timeaisis said:
I read Digital Fortress, his first book, and I'd have to say it's very good. It's hard to put down...and is quite well-written. Havn't read the Da Vinci code yet, but I will.

I'm afraid I have to disagree with you about Digital Fortress. I hated it. I read it last month, and wrote a scathing review of it which you can see on the forum's sister site, Lit.org (Or just click here). It was so full of plot holes that I nearly gave up entirely. The only reason I read through to the end was so I could write the review.


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Dan Brown...

He's one tough author to review. His stories are amazing. His style is absolute crap.

Seriously, when I read Dan Brown's books I often wonder whether they just published the first draft. Everything is so... unedited is the best word here. Not well paced, as there are places where virtually nothing is happening, and then after that pure action sequences and tension (he does create good tension in Angels and Demons; I especially liked the murder of the first chancellor).

Entirely unputdownable (who made this word up, anyway?)? I don't think so. I put them down lots of times, even when reading the so-called breathtaking culmination. I really admire his research. After reading Angels and Demons, I was a bit uncertain that this man was telling the whole truth, and did a bit of research of my own, but then when I saw that it clicked, I read The DaVinci Code without questioning his sources.

Factual. Tense. Putdownable. Crappy.


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I read the DaVinci Code, on the recommendation of a friend, and did not like it at all. Figuring I would give Brown the benefit of the doubt, I decided to read Angels & Demons.

:/ Turns out they were the same book, with a different title and character names. Needless to say, I did not care for A&D.