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Criticisms of Scrivener. (1 Viewer)

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Hey Robert, I only noticed this nearly three weeks after you posted it. Have you checked out Celtx (pronounced sell-tex)? Lewdog has a thread about it somewhere on this board, I believe. Celtx is free and has a lot of the features on your list of things Scrivener lacks.

1) Though Celtx also only allows you to edit in a single continuous page, there's a "preview" option that'll give you pagecount and a title-page template, as well as the option to create a PDF document of your work.

2) There are some analysis tools. While still limited, they're much better than what you described Scrivener as offering. It's also easy to switch between scenes and locations in the document and you can use the analysis tools to locate problematic areas with ease.

3) It comes complete with a database that not only allows you to store and track characters, but also props, costumes, cameras, and essentially any other component of making a movie.

4) It has a spell-checker. Actually the spell-checker acts like an alzheimer patient and it hates fantasy/sci-fi settings with a burning rage. Still, better than nothing I suppose.

Matthew Frassetti

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I always use Final Draft for my screenplays/scripts and use Scrivener for my novel. I think Scrivener is great for what I use it for, and I couldn't imagine using it in place of FD for my scripts, though I might be biased. I love FD a lot.

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