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Crimes Against Characters: 'Fess Up Here (1 Viewer)

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Let's face it, fiction writers are a bunch of liars as a matter of course (we totally make everything up), we pirate ideas from every corner of the globe (which is a real trick, geometrically speaking), and we perpetrate crimes against characters who never asked for any of the misfortune, terror, and itchiness that we inflict upon them.

So you're in the Writer's Interrogation Room and this will go easier on you if you just confess.

What have you done to your characters?


bazz cargo

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What I haven't done is a shorter list:

My best so far is in my Catfish, which has been deleted from the forum.

bazz cargo

Retired Supervisor

You were too easy to break, Bazz. I want a little more detail.

Extreme Irony.
As he leapt from the top of the tallest building in all the land he uttered the words, “goodbye cruel world!” For he was a traditionalist.

As the last syllable left his lips his phone rang. Despite being busy plunging, he succumbed to the training of many years of habit, he answered it. His wife was unable to contain her composure. “Darling! We've won forty million pounds on the Euro-lottery!”

Without a word he tossed the phone to one side, spread his arms wide, then with vigour and determination he started to flap.


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...What have you done to your characters?

From the replies so far, likely not what you might expect, but, how about the first five come to mind?

Left one forever in the Starbucks parking lot, now-puzzling venti dark in his left hand, car keys in his right, watching over the top of his car the woman he'd bent time and space and destiny to orbit for the last seventeen years get out of another man's car and pause, noticing him there where he wasn't supposed to be and finally allowing him to see her clearly for the first time.

Left another forever bent into a tight ball on the living room carpet unsuccessfully willing himself to die, his wife's flung wedding rings scattered alongside.

Left yet another forever dazed in the bottom of the blasted crater of her house, baffled by the non-functional phone handset in his hand, her voice shrill from within, insisting his anger wasn't helping things.

Left another forever terrified not by the men killed by what he'd built, but by the money pouring in because of it, the phone number and account number and last insane daily balance written on the shreds of a three-by five-note-card cupped under his left hand as if trying to corral them from escaping like erupting baby spiders while the voice on the phone held in his other asks, "Hey! Are you still there? So, are you in?"

Left another homeless and unknowingly dead from exposure in an otherwise empty small urban street-side candle-lit church, her gnarled and wind-scoured hands forever poised over the piano keys, waiting in the dark for the stage lights to come up, feeling the concert audience's rapt anticipation and thinking fondly, "Ah, they're always so quiet at first!"

Yeah. I find the walking-wounded lots more interesting.


Staff member
In my latest my MC was stabbed by an enemy but survived. Then he was stabbed and killed by an ally so he could more conveniently complete a mission. He was ambushed thrice but escaped. He was kidnapped and almost tortured, then in the same sequence almost killed in a fight. Another couple of fights where the opponent(s) would have killed him if they could. A reluctant ally mentally tortured him. He was flimflammed into pissing off another potential ally. Thugs tried to murder him just in an act of robbery. Oh, and on his 'mission' his target almost strangled him and threatened to subject him to eternal torment.

All in all, he had a pretty rough couple of weeks.

In my WIP, a cat keeps trying to eat my hero.


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One time, I made a character into a child soldier. (She had to slash people into bits with a hatchet during night raids and much, much more.) After the war, I threw her into a mirror dimension full of demons were she would never, ever die. (The layout was a coliseum containing a forest.)

The end!


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I had a psychopath magic user kidnap the unborn twins from their mother's womb in order to conduct experiments on them.
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