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Crime Doesn't Pay - Foul language warning (only two words) (1 Viewer)

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Head of Literature for a local university enjoyed this story, told me I was mixing genre nicely as well. See what you think.


The streets were deserted. The chilling winter breeze had driven most people indoors. It wasn’t a good night to be out, at least Kyle Sheppard didn’t think so.
“But a man’s got to earn a living,” he said to himself. He was not the type of person to sit behind a desk, or to sell something to people who didn’t need or want it. He was tall, built like a semi-trailer and loved to fight. Besides, most of the time his kind of work beat a nine-to-five job any day. He loved his work, despite the arctic temperatures he and his partner had been working in for the last few weeks. He looked across at his partner, Walter Towers. Kyle had been skeptical when Walter had wanted to join him in his night work, but the two had known each other since high school. Kyle had witnessed Walter’s capabilities first hand. On more than one occasion, he had watched Walter hospitalise large men like himself, due to his ferocity. At first glance, Walter was a short, wiry man, with a crooked nose and an equally crooked grin. His thin frame made Walter look small and weak. Kyle knew better. The crooked nose was a trophy from fighting, the crooked grin was a quirky feature that somehow managed to lure in the girls. One benefit of working with Walter was the amount of women Kyle had hooked up with, compliments of that ‘crooked grin’. A smile flashed across Kyle's face, then was gone, his mind shifting back to work mode as he heard footsteps.

In the shadows across from Kyle came a soft whistle. A small signal from a hidden Walter, indicating he had found a target. Kyle peered out of his small pocket of blackness, looking down the bright, well-lit street. The pair could see the young man walking along the footpath, unaware of the situation that awaited him a few steps ahead. The two licked their lips like hungry predators, waiting for their victim to come into range. Walter knew this man would be a good target. He wore a leather jacket, a flashy pair of slacks and impressive leather shoes. By his walk, Walter knew this man was confident, probably a professional of some kind, like a solicitor, or a banker, maybe even one of those computer types. Either way, there would be a mobile phone, credit cards and a watch, possibly some other jewellery. All in all, a good first score. Walter studied the man’s face. Walter figured he must be cold, his skin was a little pale.

“Either that,” Walter thought to himself, “or he don’t get out too much!” The man walked passed Kyle, unaware of his presence. As he got further from Kyle, Walter stepped out of the shadows into the path of the man. The man stopped in his tracks for a moment, surprised people were out in this cold.

“’Scuse me sir,” Walter said, “could I trouble ya’ for the time?” The man pulled an expensive looking watch out of his jacket pocket. He offered it to Walter.
“Keep it,” the man muttered, flicking the watch at Walter, who stood silently, surprised at what had just happened. Walter stepped in his way as he tried to walk around. The man stopped, an angry look on his face. His expression sent a shiver down Walter’s spine. The man was about to say something, when a big hand covered his mouth, a huge arm wrapping itself across his chest, pinning his arms by his side before dragging him in to the shadows. Walter checked to make sure nobody was around to see what just happened, then followed Kyle through the shadows into the small yard behind the empty shops. Kyle threw the man roughly to the ground. Walter came in and stood next to Kyle. A few lights illuminated the small area, just enough for the man to see his two attackers. He stood up, smiling at the mismatched pair. He brushed himself down, removing the pieces of paper and plastic he had fallen into. From behind his back, Kyle pulled a handgun, which he pointed at the young man.

“Strip,” he said.

“Beg yours?” the man asked, looking confused.

“I said strip,” Kyle chuckled, “we want your clothes, your wallet and your mobile!” The man laughed so hard, he nearly fell over. Kyle and Walter looked at each other, eyebrows raised.

“What’s so funny?” Kyle asked.

“Doesn’t matter,” the man replied, shaking his head as he began to strip.

“I will say that you picked a hell of a night for a mugging boys! I mean, for starters, these aren’t even my clothes.” He threw the jacket, pants and shoes in a bundle to Walter, who could not find a wallet or mobile phone. Not to mention there was something sticky on the leather jacket.

“Where’s your wallet, your phone?” Walter asked. The man motioned to his almost naked body.

“You see any on me Einstein?” Walter took a step forward, but Kyle grabbed his shoulder.

“You got a smart mouth buddy,” Kyle said, reaching in to his coat with his free hand and removing a small tube which he began to screw onto the barrel of the gun.

“Before you shoot me,” the man said, “there are probably a few important things I should tell you.” Kyle, who had finished screwing on the silencer, aimed the weapon at the man’s naked chest.

“Tell someone who cares,” Kyle said calmly, firing two rounds, with no more than a popping sound on each shot. They watched as the man fell backwards, crashing to the ground. The two knew the gun and silencer had been a good buy. Being able to kill quickly and quietly had definite advantages. Walter went over and felt the man’s neck, checking for a pulse. The body was already cold from the wintry night air. When he felt nothing, he looked at Kyle with his trademark grin.

“Snap frozen!” Walter laughed

“Too goddam easy!” Kyle said as he examined the clothes next to him. Walter walked back to Kyle, who had felt the sticky substance on the leather jacket.

“What is this shit on the jacket?” Kyle asked.

“It must be a drink or somethin’,” Walter remarked, as Kyle sniffed his fingers, then the jacket.

“It’s blood!” said a voice. The pair turned. The man stood again, a smile on his face.

“It belongs, or more precisely belonged, to the man whose clothes I was wearing.” Walter was stunned. The man had no pulse, he was dead!

“As I was saying lads before you so rudely shot me, I have some important things to tell you.” Kyle lifted the gun and fired again, unloading the clip into the man, but he remained standing! The two thieves stared in absolute shock.

“Have you finished?” the man asked. “Some people are just so fucking rude.” He examined the bullet wounds for a moment, picking up some blood on his finger, then sticking the bloodied finger into his mouth. He looked up at Kyle and Walter, who stood like statues, paralysed in shock disbelief.

“Now the first important thing I should tell you, although I think you might’ve figured this out by now, is you can’t kill me. I was going to let you go, but now you’ve so rudely shot me, I think not.” The man started walking towards the pair, who still hadn’t moved. When he was within a few feet, he stopped. He stared directly at the two, a wicked smile forming on his young face.

“The second important thing you should know is……” he said pausing for dramatic effect, as his eyes turned demonic yellow and his canine teeth extended, “I’m a vampire!” Kyle and Walter screamed, but as they turned to run, powerful hands grabbed them, hurling them sideways into the wall. He advanced towards them, his eyes glowing fiercely as he licked his lips. The two stood painfully, grabbing bits of broken metal piping, determined to go out fighting. The man stopped, smiling his deadly smile.

“Going to put up a fight, hey? Excellent. There is nothing like a good fight to get one’s blood pumping.” This comment almost made Walter hurl. The man took two steps back, motioning the two men forward.

“Judging by your actions boys, I think you might have a chance against me. At least one of you could make it out alive.” Walter heard movement behind him, up on the roof, but he dared not look away. He and Kyle started moving forward, knowing their lives depended on killing the creature in front of them. The vampire took a few steps backwards defensively, before stopping. The look on his face was one of victory.

“Why do you look so bloody happy?” Kyle asked menacingly.

“Oh,” the vampire said, “I realised I forgot to tell you the most important thing you should know.”

“What’s that?” Kyle asked, not so sure he wanted to know the answer. More sounds now, from behind them, beside them and above them. The two risked a look around, seeing multiple pairs of glowing yellow eyes on all sides. They were surrounded.

“Surely you know this one,” the man said, baring his fangs in a primal snarl, “vampires never hunt alone!”
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