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just listen

Okay, so.... I have the layout of a screenplay due tomorrow for a creative writing class I'm taking in school. But as of now I'm not really sure where I want to go with it. It only has to be 20 pages so I'm not going for epic motion picture here, just something dramatic with one main character and some kind of conflict.

If anyone has a random idea or tips to thinking up the right one that they wouldn't mind me using, I'd be one very happy writer.



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Giving you an idea would be defeating the purpose of taking the creative writing class wouldn't it?

I will give you a site that may help you with forming an idea, its made for a feature length screenplay, but it will help break a character down for you...


The site is somewhat elementary, but it may help you. Just make sure you break down your acts correctly within the 20 pages. Not really sure why it HAS to be 20 pages, thats to much for a short and obviously to short for a feature. I would think it would be more of an interesting read if kept under 10-12 page...but thats just me...

Since its 20 pages use your pages wisely to create suspense and an ultimate payoff. You don't want any downtime within the story since its so short.

Think bank robbery, man/woman and suicide, etc....those may be cliche, but you get the hint...Or you could do a short type of 'Magnolia' type story. Use 3 situations that lead them all to one moment....

Just my thoughts....
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don't necessarily go for naturalism some physical surealism(argh) would be cool. do u know of stefen berkov

John W. Miller

The Lady on the back porch after dark.

Setting: In hot down town Fl.

Scene: A lady walks out on her back porch nude to hang up some handfull of clothes on her back porch clothes line. It really hot tonight! It's dark and she thinks no one will see her, but when she shuts the back door it lockes. What does she do? Go over to her neighor back porch and call him to his back door in the dark. Problem? Jest as she is crosses the yard, her Husbands drives up in the drive and his head lights spot her. Go from there and explain that. JWM