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Crack in the Blue (1 Viewer)


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Crack in the Blue

concrete pond
concrete round
abrade the toes
incessant feet
concrete pound

contrivance of blue
ripples trapped
a booby holds true

an illusioned sky
sunlight filtered
to tint and dye

true blue…

the pool with ripples bound

yet the booby tries
to tell the tale
the truth of the sky

with the eye—rise
trace the flight
the booby so high

drop, heed gravity’s thrall
drop…drop…fear plucks

a heartsong stutters
as the booby falls
frigid terror blooms in
goosebumps and shudders

eyes on the bird, the pool
tension, bowstring tight
so falls a blue footed fool

what is the sound made
when the tension scatters—
a crack, a murmured fade…

why should a truth of blue matter

eyes collide with a concrete smack!
water to bone, feather to aggregate
waves set free as the pool cracks—

supernova geyser and man cast stone
three phases in flux one to another—
reality should shatter a booby’s bones

hollow bones to mortal made stone
counterfeited lapis lazuli a fluid veil
fear hazed eyes chase the unknown

down, deep thrall calls the eye down
head heeds and gravity seizes hold--
into the pool, a door of the drowned

wake…see the truth just beyond
what the eye saw, counterfeit blue
fathoms gone in a concrete pond

a crack in the blue...
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Annie. Marie

Senior Member
I admire your skill to play with format and patterns throughout your piece.
The imagery here is amazing and I get a real sense of peacefulness when I think of just sitting on a bench in front of a pond watching the dance of this bird.
Thank you for letting us read!