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cover art opinions..... for book (1 Viewer)

Lee Messer

Senior Member
I am a 32nd degree mason. Just saying. Don't use the elusive all seeing eye. It has many meanings for many people. It will only bring controversy as you can see in the comments above.

Look for a hand positioned in the shape of a "Lion's Paw" on the internet, that's probably a better symbol for what you are trying to say. Put the Lion's Paw in the light, and the Caduceus in the dark side. The "All Seeing Eye" is a common misinterpretation. It represents us being watched by God... it's symbolic though. It's not some evil thing. Putting it in darkness is a kind of symbolic sacrilege albeit metaphorical. You'll see these symbols everywhere in government buildings all over the U.S.A. We, I mean the masons before me kinda were responsible for the existence of every democratic nation in the world that came about by revolution. You'll see the symbols everywhere in those countries too.

The Caduceus actually represents snakes being used in medicine. It's also a representation of some older more barbaric Gods around before Greece as well. A good Anthropology search will reveal it to be a snake god symbol. Not a good one ironically. Makes you wonder if they really know when they get their degrees and licenses.

This should help I hope. I mean it could give your book more meaning I suppose.

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