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Could it be? Yes! It's podcast number three! (1 Viewer)


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Hello WF!

After much effort and changes in schedules, the Resident Hamster (with a newly appointed Plum, Arthur G. Mustard) is back again to bring you episode three of our Flashes of Brilliance podcast. Life has a way of creeping up on us sometimes, so I hope this gives you a chance to pause and relax from the hustle and bustle in your life.

Congratulations to Arthur G. Mustard and J Anfinson, as their entries were chosen from the podcast submissions last month. Many thanks to everyone who participated and please be on the lookout for the next submission thread!

Many thanks to rcallaci, joshybo, inkwellness, Gumby, and astroannie for graciously allowing us to read their winning stories and poems for the Competitions and Poetry Challenge held in June.

Content Advisory - Please note that there is language used in a few of the stories and poems read, so be mindful if you are sensitive to it.

Thank you all for your patience and I hope all of you enjoy it immensely.

*Drum Rolls*


*Just click the picture, then play, and download the MP3! =)


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I can't believe that I missed this for so long. Excellent work as always, hams! I'm very happy to have been included in this episode alongside so many talented writers. Great work to everyone!


Staff member
Bust me a gut- I thought i commented and saw that i didn't- A wonderful podcast- I laughed heartily in your reading of my corn-dog pirate- I saw it come to life. YOu hit the tone to perfection -I felt the guys hate and anger at old angus. All your reads were great- You as well captured the madness of that deluded psychopath- I applaud you and your team for this vocal feast . The art of storytelling is being revived....

with thanks