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Corrupted Movie Titles (1 Viewer)


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C'mon, people! Fine. Here's another:

"The Daft." (Four girls who want to be witches, but they keep doing stupid shit)


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"Silence of the Hams."
"The Lamb Shank Redemption."
"Fear & Loathing at my Mother In Law's House"
"Driving Miss Crazy."
"One Threw Up in the Cuckoo's Nest."


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Lord of the Files (and good bookkeeping)


Lord of the Ringtones

And also recycled from a previous thread

The Goatfather


Goat in the shell


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"Smeared Science"
"An Idyllic Dream On Elm Street"
"The Scone Ranger" (practically LIVES at Starbucks!)
"Afternoon Zone"
"Chunky" (A doll that becomes terrifyingly obese)
"White Ugly" (Black Beauty's little-known half-sister who lived in a trailer park)
"Four Brooms" (Tarantino's failed manuscript) LOL
"True Bromance" (Another flop by Tarantino)
"Falling Brown" (Better get an umbrella and maybe some bleach!)
"Mexorcist" (The story about a priest trying to deport all the Hispanics through ritual means)
"Boyz In The Suburbs"

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