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Our local blood bank is doing well. It's good to see folks stepping up.
The grocery stores are still kinda scary. Frightened, wide-eyed people scurrying. And the dullards wearing surgical masks (that our health care workers need).
But some local businesses and individuals are making masks and brining meals to our health service professionals. Hell yea.

Being a Survivalist, we're stocked-up. We could shelter-in-place for months. Unfortunately, the US Navy needs me at work. I no longer ride the ferry, but motorcycle only to work.
My son lost his job, but we can feed him (that's why we stockpiled years ago). My wife was furloughed from her school job. But she has her side-hustle selling on eBay.

I hope everyone stays safe. And prepares for what's next.


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Humans will carry on the same as before and after... just fewer

Well from what I can see of the UK at the moment totally disregarding advice and what has happened in other countries. There is going to be considerably fewer of them.

You reap what you sow and Darwin was correct.


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I heard this morning that young people, some really young, are coming down with this disease. There was a news clip of a college-age kiddo, spending his spring break on a crowded beach, saying no matter what the authorities say, he was going to party. Nothing could stop him from partying!

I wonder if the kids from other countries are just more well-behaved, more respectful. The US has the most young people falling ill, more than any other country.

It will be interesting, on the other side, how many habits we develop now will remain. Will we continue to sanitize like there's no tomorrow? Will we talk to people six feet away from them? Will we stop shaking hands forever? I hope someone is writing this all down - we're writers after all, aren't we? :)


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Good remedy is to find the juice at the bottom of whisky bottles an pour them into a glass an swig straight down...an at least two hot towels close by


Sorry to hear that you know someone who's gotten it, Biro. I hope they recover without too much incident.

I just put in my very first home-delivery order for groceries. When I tried signing up for this before (from Aldi) they didn't have delivery out this far. Recently the stores have limited the number of shoppers inside at any one time to 10. Their online ordering was super easy to do and delivery is promised within the next 5 hours. The site led me through a few of the items that I'd chosen (like flour) asking whether to substitute if the item wasn't there or to remove and refund. I'm excited to try this!

A young friend of ours just got a job about two weeks ago at Wal-mart as a grocery picker (not sure the actual title) for people who wanted to pick up their groceries. He was making more per hour than I am as a caregiver and I bet he's busy as all get-out these days. Not a bad gig for someone's first job.

If nothing else the quarantine might really assist the grocery delivery and pickup models. I didn't mind paying a (reasonable) fee for delivery and a tip in place of having to drive almost half an hour to this store, shop, wait in line, and drive back.
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Just received my TV licence demand for next year...phoned up and asked what happens if I die...she said it was non transferrable
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