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Controversial Science Book Now Released For Paperback (1 Viewer)

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Controversial Science Book Finally Released For Ebook Lovers and Paperback Readers

By Paul Seward

“The Intruder Bulletins: The Dark Side of Technology” by future science author Mark Antony Rossi is the most important ebook I have ever read on the Mac. IB delivers more bang for the buck with such an impressive impact I became overwhelmed by its deeper implications for society and the world. This book from its explosive 9/11 introduction to its end chapter concentrating on possible solutions to the problems poised is a philosophical thrill-ride of the very first order. It dwells high over the hype.

Human cloning is not a subject unknown to the general masses, but Rossi cleverly encapsulates the subject from its early beginnings to its horrendous threat to humanity.
The sexuality angles of Male Pregnancy, Artificial Womb, Selective Breeding and The Homosexual Gene are controversial in their startling conclusions; yet handled with enormous care and research. Scandals such as Pharmaceutical Fascism, Organized Organ Theft, Moneyed Science, Rationalized Health Care delve deep into the money factor that perverts today's science and promises to endanger the foundation of freedom as we know it.

Of the 36 chapters dealing with everything from Human Cloning to Computer Cults, the chapter outlining Genetic Discrimination is the most frightening piece of writing I have ever, ever read in my life. Imagine a world where your genes inform on you and thus you are declined health insurance from the moment of your conception. Imagine having to be condemned to only certain job fields due to a genetic condition you will develop---five decades in the future! This Hitlerian horror story is not a sci-fi scenario, describes Rossi, since the technology to start the process is close to being perfected. Basically perfect technology will root out the imperfect among us, which adds up to 100 million people shut out of health care insurance for the duration of their lives. This figure represents a full one third of the American population. Scary stuff indeed.

The Intruder Bulletins: The Dark Side of Technology
Hard Shell Word Factory
By Mark Antony Rossi
Released: June 2004
Formats: Palm Pilot, PDF, Microsoft Reader, Mac, Paperback
Price: $5.50


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Yes, but how many of those 1 million will suddenly have a desire to vote when a president, or congresmember who is against such hideous action, drives for laws against it.?
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