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Conflicted about direction (1 Viewer)


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I'm feeling a little conflicted about the direction I want to pursue with my writing and thought I'd reach out for advice.

I've been writing prose my entire life, and a few years ago, I had "the idea", i.e. a concept for a sci-fi novel I found myself utterly infatuated with. I began to work on a first draft with the intent of publication/distribution of some kind.

When the pandemic came to be, I felt a little demotivated by my daunting manuscript, so I decided to pivot to writing graphic novels. This was and is a new genre for me to write. I wrote two graphic novel shorts that I published digitally but didn't really promote. I then began to work on a "full length" graphic novel script which I subsequently completed and decided that traditional publication would be a good fit for me for a number of reasons.

I've queried that script to a few agents, and now I've hired an editor to help me improve a few aspects before I proceed with querying. I'm starting to get the nagging feeling that I'm a little out of my element. I've learned a lot about writing graphic novels, but I've been writing prose for decades. I've gotten beta feedback from both of my works that indicates that at least some of what I'm doing is working.

If I continue down the path I'm going, are the agents I've queried eliminated from being "re-queried" if I decide to self-publish the graphic novel and proceed with querying the sci-fi work? There is some genre overlap here and agents that would potentially be great at representing both.

Have you ever felt conflicted between two in-progress works? They are both my babies, but the sci-fi novel I'm writing is starting to shape up to be the child I favor more. To make matters a bit more complicated, a new concept for a novel has struck me recently; this threatens to consume me and distract me from the excitement of my other works.

I also suspect that the anxiety of pitching my graphic novel is affecting my ability to objectively assess it at this point, and I only see the flaws at this point. This has definitely happened to me before, but it's hitting a lot harder nowadays; my ability to like what I read is overshadowed by self-criticism.

I would be extremely grateful for advice, encouragement, personal experiences, etc.!
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Here's a personal experience for you. I'm torn big time between two writing projects.

My project number 1 is a fanfic novel with pictures which is practically finished (only pictures for the last chapter to create; it's considerable work but I'm making good progress). Project #2 is a science fiction novel which is nearing completion but still needs a great deal of work. For some time now, I've been working only on #1 because it's more important to me. However, now that it's practically done, I'm eager to start working on #2 again. On the other hand, I feel #1 could be improved significantly by adding a number of scenes here and there.

On top of that, I haven't written anything for my blog since May. My readers are eagerly waiting and I have several articles planned and one almost finished, but I just can't make myself deal with it with so many other things going on.

At this moment, it's clear that I'm going to do those last pictures for #1. But once I've uploaded them, I'm going to have a hard decision to make: to continue improving #1 or leave it the way it is and spend my efforts on writing #2 to the end. (Or possibly share my time between the two which I kind of doubt will work out well.)