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Confined [adult language and mature theme] (1 Viewer)


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Melodramatic, horror-based, neo-noir, 80's pop punk. Here is voiceover content in most recent OWPG film: CONFINED. As written and directed by Keith Baudry and Blake Turner.

Here is link to original post for video I speak of:

As follows:

Joby was a fuckboy.
All the best things in life were given to him for free.
Money. Women. Family. Friends.
He need only open his eyes to wake up to happiness.
And that is why he had to die.

I wake up
a different person
than when I sleep.
Every second, even,
Different, than the last.
It's like my words become an arc
- an ark of air around me -
and I breathe them in.

A swarm of bees that do not sting;
a flightless bird that cannot sing.
A pitiful poison persona.
Ten thousand eyes surround me on the bedroom walls and ceiling.
I can hear them clawing at scalp;
peeling away my skin and bones to pixelate my mind.
A thousand fucking eyes.
I can feel them.
Thoughts. are things?
A swarm of bees that do not sting.
A flightless bird that cannot sing.
What does it mean?
What do I do to be me?

He is not me.
No more than they are them,
you are yours;
flies are birds:
gods are words.
I just can't take this pressure anymore.
All the people think they're lions: trying to roar.
While the devils in the subspace crawl right past the door.
He's at the door.
He is not me.
But soon,
he will be.
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