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Concerning Clive Barker (1 Viewer)

I would like to get feedback about Clive Barker's work; specifically, his novels and short stories. I also am very interested in him as a horror writer, and his very distinct style in that genre.

What fascinates me in particular is the way in which Mr. Barker cultivates that strange mix of wonder, horror, romance, character introspection, and utter strangeness (his movies do a great job of this as well), which, when combined, create an incredibly imaginative and intriguing story.

Does anybody have any thoughts on Mr. Clive Barker and his novels or short stories? Any favorites?

J.V. Amaral
I have not read any of Pearson's work; but of course, I am always looking for new authors and stories. What might you suggest, SGW, as a starting point for Pearson?

If you want to get a taste of Clive Barker's work, I would suggest The Damnation Game. It's a pretty cool story and generally representative of the style I described at the start of this thread (it's also fairly short at about 370 pages, so not a huge commitment).




Senior Member
Clive Barker was and still remains one of my favirote authors.

I picked up a copy the great and seceret show at the age of thirteen, and ooooh lordy, I can attribute all my love for literature and writing to that single novel.

The characters in them seem so alive, they all ooze sexuality, the love seems real, and when his characters die you do genuinely miss them.

His plots are twisted, batshit insane, yet at the same time really grasp the common threads of mythologies that we can recognise from the most acient of stories.

Yeah hes just fucking great, definatly not your average storyteller.

I would recommend. The theif of always, The great and secert show, Imajica and if your looking for something short and sweet try cabal.
I just started reading him fairly recently, and he is already fast becoming one of my favorite authors. I actually just picked up the great and secret show early this month, but have yet to read it. I also have Imajica, Weaveworld, & Damnation Game.

I've heard that his novelette "The Bodily Politic" is brilliantly demented, and also his short story "Dread" is supposed to be a classic, featured in so many horror anthologies. These will be my next two of his works...



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The Body Politic is a great story. I've seen the short film adaptation of it in Quicksilver Highway and I've also had the luck to see it performed on stage.

As Barker goes, my favourite novel of his is Sacrament. Perhaps because it's his most personal, is light on fantasy, and the characters are stronger for it. Coldheart Canyon was a bit of a dud. Galilee was a reat read. Imajica, my introduction to Barker was great, although I don't know how I'd react to it now. But I'd recommend his short story collections as an introduction to his writing.
The Great and Secret Show was superb. At one point I was reading it and I actually felt like I was floating in Quidity. I really couldn't get into Everville though, so I suppose my association with Clive Barker ends there.