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Computers and me! (1 Viewer)



I have a script. It's been formatted in 'Word'. Is it possible to submit it here without losing all the tabs, bolds, italics et al ?


Senior Member
Unfortunately, no. You can put the bold and italics back in using BBCode after you copy and paste but tab doesn't work here. When you hit submit, it just goes back to a block format. We use an extra line in between paragraphs and the like to keep things from getting too confusing.

Yeah, he's pretty much right. There's no forum that I've ever been to that allows Word format transfer, which really dissapointed me at first. After a while, however, the coding becomes very easy and you begin to learn the shortcuts.

I'm not saying that doesn't mean it's not a pain, but still.


Senior Member
i just tried posting a poem that had indents, and when i put it in 'code' it came out like a quote, but with the indents and all in place!... you might try that...