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Comparison Titles for a Reverse-Portal Fantasy? (1 Viewer)

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I wasn't sure which forum to post this in, so I chose the most general one possible. :)

I'm struggling to select comparison titles for the current book I'm querying. There aren't many books that I've read that feel like strong enough comparisons, or that were written recently enough to be useful while querying agents. So, I'm looking for books preferably written within the last five years, that seem similar to this:

-Main character is a wizard who lives on an island nation that shares its waters with giant monsters (very Godzilla-esque). The main role of magic users here is keeping these monsters docile, and that's the job of the main character.
-Due to REASONS, a cruise ship from the real world crosses the barrier around the main character's island, creating a messy 'first contact' situation and enraging the monsters, who attack the ship. During the conflict, main character befriends some people from our world, and her main goal becomes securing rescue for these outsiders.
-Main character deals with a lot of trauma, having nearly drowned as a girl, but lives on an island and is surrounded by water at all times. She's also required to use 'Sea magic' in her work, as the monsters are aquatic. Main character's mental wounds are consistently re-opened.
-Another plotline/theme is, the main character learns the cruise ship entered their hidden world in part due to neglect and incompetence from the leaders she once trusted completely. Becoming disillusioned with those leaders and not bowing to everything they say is part of the main character's journey.

If any of these traits ring a bell for a science fiction or fantasy book you've read that came out fairly recently (5-years at most, otherwise it'll be hard to use as a comp title), please share it with me so I can take a look at it! 🙏
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