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Commentary of the Word Proccesing Mafia. (1 Viewer)


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This is a little story i just whipped up, but it really happened. I hope you like, open to crit.

Commentary of the Word Processing Mafia

by The Master-mind.

Summer school blows.

Big time.

But what blows even more is when you didn’t have to go. When you have to take a three-week word processing class so you can take debate in the school year, because your mom wants you too. And now, you’re stuck in a little classroom typing pointless sentences, over, and over, and over, and over again. Like I said.

Summer school blows.

But we have ways of amusing ourselves. Typing Let Us Go! in that way where you type the letters over and over again, then one big letter shows up. Or making slide shows. Like one of mine, The Story of the Bored Guy, or as it later became, Le Storie vu le Borde Monsieur, in which I made the entire thing in French. Well, not exactly French per say, but it sounded French.

And then, came the fateful day. The day the Word Processing Mafia, or WPM, was formed. There was Erin, the collector. David, the hitman. Colleen, the sniper. Margo, the stealth killer. Grace, The Godfather. Becca, the Godmother. Haley, Becca’s assistant. And me, the Mastermind. Oh yeah, and Danny, the intern, a.k.a Faguette.

Funny, the things people come up with when they’re bored.
But now!

We’re really bored.