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papa lazarou

hello this is one of my first posts. A friend and I are in the preliminary stages of writing a script for a comedy. We have started developing some characters and have a very specific idea of what direction it is going to take. We have taken some characters we created in our days at skool and we hope it will be a good start in our writing. we are going to post bits of our script on here when we have done a substantial part of the story. We would very much lke to know what people think and would appreciate fellow writers views and opinion on our script.

Watch this space!

p.s. if anyone wants to know what our comedy is about or would just like to chat my email is [email protected]



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this is the first post i've ever seen that's a 'preview of coming attractions' without even a hint of the 'preview'! ;-)
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papa lazarou


In response to the last post I forgot to put the idea without realising I had. It is set in a small village (we are strongly influenced by The League of Gentlemen!!!) with a range of wierd and wonderful characters. The script is sitcom format and will not be a sketch show like the league. The story is mainly about a youth club and the sordid goings on which happen in and around it. It will focus more on the people who run the club and what they get up too. My friend and I both used to visit a youth club so we are hoping by writing about what we know will make it more enjoyable for our fellow writers to read.