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Comedy And Horror In The Same Story? (1 Viewer)

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For me, the hardest thing about playwriting is deciding whether to go with a light hearted comedy, a full fledged farce, a slightly more dramatic approach, or a cry your heart out depressing drama. But, is it possible to put comedy and suspense together? I have an idea for a play called "Door" and it's about fear, if nothing else. Real fear, the kind most of us don't show. There's this woman whose mother has just mysteriously died....suicide. She has been left with the house which is in total disarray. As if the death of a loved one isn't bad enough, this woman, (haven't got a name yet) is in the process of finalizing a divorce with her cold and unsociable husband. In addition she is being harassed by a business associate of her mother's to sell the house. Apart from this the woman isn't all that popular either. Her career as a real estate agent is about all she has going for her right now. Her annoying and overly controlling sister doesn't help much either. As the play begins, she is just getting back from the funeral and goes to her mother's house where she plans to do some heavy cleaning and fixing up. As the day progresses her sister, ex-husband, lawyer, and others show up to give her a hard time. To make things more hectic, two robbers show up, unaware that anyone else is even in the house and attempt to rob the basement which is cluttered with all sorts of junk and a door at the very end of the room that no one can seem to open. As the day goes on, the woman begins to discover odd things about the death of her mother and recent events in the town that seem strangely connected. But in everybody else's eyes she seems to be the strongest woman they've bet.... afraid of nothing. Finally, she can't take anymore and explodes, admitting that she is terrified. Terrified of being alone, of having no one beside her, no friends, no family, nothing. And in a way, isn't that what we're all afraid of? In a final confrontation with the two robbers, she opens the door in the basement and discovers the chilling secret of her mother's death. So what do oyu think? Be honest.


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it has definite possibilities, a la 'mousetrap' and other mystery/comedies of this ilk that have enjoyed great success... of course, it all depends on how well you construct the mystery, choreograph the comings and goings, and write...

if you can write on-the-nose dialog and have a great sense of timing and well-developed funny bone, it could work... let me know if you need any help, as i happen to love this type of play... best of luck with it...

love and hugs, maia
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