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Comedians You Admire For Their Writing Ability (1 Viewer)


I like to listen to everything that in some way informs my writing. Stewart Lee is my favourite comedian for this very reason. He shows how a very simple and well placed sentence can create something special, even if it appears like the rambling of an unhinged man:

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Dylan Moran - He appears to be drunk as a skunk, but his routines are far too clever for that to be the case. Add to that his writing in Black Books, Shaun of the dead, Run Fat Boy, Run. Some of his, seemingly, random monologues are poetic and clearly not the product of an alcohol addled mind.


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Oh, what a fun idea for a thread!

There are some incredibly talented comedians. Ellen Degeneres, Gerry Seinfeld, Wanda Sykes, Robin Williams, Dave Chapelle, Lewis Black, Kevin Hart... They are all brilliant writers, assuming they write their own. The creativity alone, just to come up with the ideas is astounding. Being inspired by them all, I tried to write some stand-up myself. It's the hardest thing there is to write IMO.

But, I'll share this Lewis Black skit on "Why travel across Canada." Brilliant composition and delivery.

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Stephen Fry. The National Treasure all the other National Treasures look up to. Such a wonderfully erudite man, and one who also wasn't opposed to a good swear:)