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Clive Cussler (1 Viewer)


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This author is a very good adventure-writer. The story lines are great. I like the Dirk Pitt and Kurt Austin Series. I've read Atlantis Found and am currently reading Fire Ice. The next CC book I'll read is Lost City. I KNOW someone will answer this thread!


I know nothing of those books, but i'll check em out sometime. by the way, sorry about no one really anwering your thread.


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I got half way through Atlantis found. it was really good! But I was only reading it because I couldn't find anything else to read at the time heh. But it was really awesome, and I really wish to finish it some time...



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Clive Cussler is one of the reasons I think I can be a successful novelist. B/c if he can write in such a generic and boring manner and have that many novels, then it can't be too hard. I really wanted to like Cussler's books. I love adventure in the vein of Indiana Jones and Cussler's about the only one I know of that writes the stuff. But I started reading Valhalla Rising and after the first 50 or so pages, I couldn't read on. Couldn't bear it. It just seemed like his style was so matter-of-fact. And I swear the first part of the book, with the ship, could've been condensed into one chapter. I had to quit b/c I didn't want to wade through all the crap to get to the story. I may try to read it again, but most likely I won't.