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Cities Will Be Tire Fires (1 Viewer)

Nate Gallon

Senior Member
Litter your trash along the streets;
And cover your future indiscreetly.
The embers will succumb to no others;
And people will die for innocence.

Innocence founded upon habitual comfort;
Adepts will rise and migrate from the ash.
Other vagrants itching for consolation;
Common folk sunken toward the depths.

Glared by virtue
Blinded by vice
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Senior Member

Very much a worthy and timely piece that speaks to and of the throwaway nature of modern society.

Of the piece

“the embers will succumb to no others,”

is a gem of a line, really potent in its imagery.

I think structure wise it is a little top heavy and overall I think the didacticism is a little overt.

Hope this helps,