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cinquain (2 Viewers)


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corn dog
a polite term
all except hoof and horn
wrapped in batter, deep-fried golden
stick it


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4 roll all-catch-air
6 twist-flip, stretch toward stars and
8 plant those feet firmly, shoulder width
2 face beams


imagine memorable holidays
- i T -
share it with someone you treasure
you can tell them i found the words you lost
i got your back :)
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all heart
candy, flowers
dinner, fine wine, dancing
these things are not entitlements
no brains


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with care
chosen pronouns
political correctness
(which means manners one objects to)
be nice


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crisp folds
mitered corners
ready for inspection
(except for a wee bit of dust)
white gloves


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breathe, smile
pretend for now
return borrowed trouble
compounded interest and snark
who cares

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