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Chuck Palahniuk (1 Viewer)

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Devine Scriptures

I'd have to say of all the novels I've read, Chuck Palahniuk has to be among the top three of my most favorite contemporary novelists.

I'm currently reading "Survivor" and it's a wonderful.

The character's Chuck creates are not only whitty, but politically correct in our socitety today. He tells it how it is, no fine print. He speaks through a creative sense, and is quite astute in the process. You really have to think about what he's throwing out there.

Oh well, that's what I thought, haha.
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Survivor is by far my favorite book by Chuck. I have read Choke, Diary, Fight Club and Survivor. Diary, wasnt all that great. Im waiting for Haunted to hit paperback in April.


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A killing song would be great...

And I also had to change my clever password after I read that book...

My favorites are Survior and Invisible Monsters.

One of my favorites scenes is the scripted and consensual rape scene. That was hilarious.

Devine Scriptures

I'm beginning to read "Choke." Before I dig deep inside the binding, does anyone have an opinion? Just would like to know what I'm getting myself into.


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I just finished reading Fight Club and it was great from beginning to end. It's not my first Palahniuk book and it's not going to be my last. That's for sure.


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I'm so on the fence with Chuck. I love his ideas but dislike the way he writes. You should use the search function to find some other threads about Chucky, or check the Book Review section for some reviews of his stuff :)

And welcome to the boards!


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strangedaze said:
I'm so on the fence with Chuck. I love his ideas but dislike the way he writes.
yeah, i feel about the same. i read fight club and was pretty impressed with it. the style works so well in that. but then it continued through all of his books and now it just bores the hell out me.

survivor and diary are in a close second with fight club, invisible monsters comes in next but DEAR GOD- DO NOT READ HAUNTED!!!! biggest hunk of crap i ever read. didn't even read the whole thing. it had its moments, but those weren't enough to carry the whole damn novel. i don't know if i'll be reading much else of his work after that repetitive piece of shit.