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Chuck Palahniuk (1 Viewer)


Has anyone read Haunted ? Im thinking about picking it up, but i want to be sure its worth it. I'm kind of conflicted regarding Palahniuk. He has really good ideas, but his writing isnt that great and its kind of cliche. Choke seems like he was just trying to shock people who are easily offended. Any opinions on the author or the new book?


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I'm going to pick up the book. Thinking about going to his book signing and reading in San Mateo or Berkely.
Have you read two of his short stories from the book, that are posted online. Maybe that will give you an idea of what to expect. Also he has one story in Playboy for this month. Though I wish they had paperback versions, but I think its only hardcover. Hard cover is tooexpensive.


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I love his work. His writing style is excellent - second to none. I can't wait until I get Haunted. Guts is my favourite short story of all time.


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Guts rocked so good. I already ordered Haunted and the bookstore said it came it but i haven't picked it up yet. Chucky P is my favorite author. He sent me a necklace with "To Dan From Chucky P" on it. I feel special :)


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a new pahlaniuk book ... I thank u great sir ... i must now get it!!!
my fav of his was definetly lullaby
book kicked much ass ...
I think his writing style is pretty good ... reminds me of a few of my own stories (I was influenced by catcher in the rye at the time of writing them)