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magnetic marker or washable reorg surface?

know those magnetic photo sleeves?
have a set on the side of the fridge.
character 3x5s.
it's a nifty little low level processing tool.
amazing what comes to mind
when focus is shifted.
oh wait.
engaging emergence isn't mysterious.

symmetrical or scatter?
*be well*


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truth or originality?

*pretends they are mutually exclusive*
*gets un-original un-truth hat*
*does a little rain dance*
*with a suite of interpreters*

'cuz that's never any kind of true.

pillow or cushion?


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understanding something or the mystery of it

let's pretend understanding is static.
*hair slowly rises*
*'til standing on end*

today, i'll pretend i get it.
i understand everything.
simultaneously and con-currently.

narrative or illustration?


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Assuming God exists, does God evolve or is God unchanging

if yes,
state of perpetual flux, as partial processing summary by teeny-tiny human being(s)
while / and-or T F
ad nauseum

Assuming <you> exist, do <you> evolve or are <you> unchanging?


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Correct, and assuming I exist, I choose the path of least resistance, evolution.

How many stories in the Bible are true or were they made up to teach a lesson

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