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Chinese/Research (1 Viewer)


Hi everyone! I am currently writing and designing characters for a fantasy webcomic!
I needed some help because my story includes some elements of Chinese culture mixed with a futuristic style, due to it taking place on a different planet. I’ve done a lot of research on all aspects, and I still have a lot to go. Asking on a public forum was part of my research! Although my story is not focused on culture at all, I wanted to make sure the parts I DO include are accurate as possible, such as the fashion and food as well as a bit of mythology. Originally, I planned for the mainstream fashion to be a mix of Tang dynasty clothing with the futuristic style I mentioned before, although I’ll have some outfits to just look futuristic and others mixed. Would that be appropriate to do, or do I need to completely separate the two? I want to be as respectful as possible of Chinese culture. I am not Chinese, so it would be really helpful if someone who was with a pretty good knowledge of fashion gave me feedback and their opinions!(If you have any questions, or wanted any reference images of what I’m talking about, please let me know!)