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I can't seem to get enough of this guy's books. I picked up Perdido Street Station when I was thoroughly turned off to fantasy. Although a lifetime reader of the genre, I was sick of the usual swords and sorcery, quests and damsels stuff. Even at its best, it just seemed the same. Then I read Perdido Street Station and I was reminded that the psuedo-European stuff was just one way that fantasy could go. It really revitalized my interest in the genre (and I'd love to learn about other others who stretch the fantasy boundries as well).

Now, I wouldn't say his books are perfect. He doesn't show you everything you want to see (such as a particular fight or action sequence). His language is a bit purple. And his descriptions can be a bit much. But his depth of imagination and the world he's created are great. I also like that the stories are well layered, and he doesn't stick to a point A to point B plotline.

Like all good writing, he books really inspired me..infact a bit too much. I found myself concocting a world VERY MUCH like the one he created, and I realized I needed to step back. The feel and the depth are great, but I wouldn't want to try and riff (or rip) off what he's done. I actually put aside the story that fermented, and I think I'll revisit it later.