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Chick-lit (1 Viewer)

Victoria Island

Senior Member
Ok. so i love my reading but once in a while i just love to read abrainless novel or ten. I love Louise Bagshawe. The plots may almost be the same for every book but i do just love to read them. The writing is good and the charicters seem vivid to me.

what do you think?


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I'm a huge fan of chick lit. In fact, the novel that I'm writing could be considered to be chick lit. While some of the genre is admittedly brainless (some of it happens to be outright terrible) I don't that is true of all of it.

The two absolute best chick lit books (in my humble opinion) are Carrie Pilby by Caren Lissner and Summer in the Land of Skin by Jody Gehrman.

Carrie Pilby is the anti-Bridget Jones. She is Bridget-like in that she is funny and very fond of rants, but while Bridget's main concern is how she looks in her miniskirt and how Mark Darcy really feels about her, Carrie Pilby, a genius and a recent Harvard graduate, is concerned with human nature, American culture, and hypocrisy. Very amusing and smart even as it manages to still be light reading.

Summer in the Land of Skin is just a beautifully written book. It follows Anna Medina during her twenty-fifth summer as she quits her job, breaks her lease, and moves to Bellingham, Washington in the hopes of becoming a luthier and learning more about her father who committed suicide when Anna was twelve.