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My name is Bjørn Schistad, and I'm a half danish half Norwegian literature maniac :)

I study literature at the university in Oslo, and do also write, but in Danish, so you probably won't understand a word of it...
I'm also working on starting a publishing company (see my post in Writer's Resources) so I would love to get in touch with some skilled writers!

My favorite authors are classic 1800s and 1900s Scandinavian writers such as Bjørnson, Ibsen, Hamsun, Johannes V Jensen, Johan Bojer, but I read all kinds of literature!

I hope to find a lot of interesting stuff on these pages!


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Welcome to the forum, Bjorn. I have studied Swedish a long time ago, while I was at univeristiy.



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Hi I'm new to the site too and just getting to know it. I'm off to check out writing resources now....
Good luck
Jacinta McDevitt