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Chapter Two of my story (Still no title!!!) Warning: Language (1 Viewer)


Chapter Two – Second Sighting and Another Mishap

I ran so fast my hair streaked out behind me and my cheeks flushed red from the cold, despite the relentless June sunlight. I ran to escape the thoughts that were spinning at full throttle around my head, to escape the memories, the tears. My own father was offering me something cold and evil, something that would take my soul away and shred it into tiny little pieces, and still he believed he was doing what was best for me. Believed he was doing the right thing.
I found I had more stamina than I had originally thought, because I made it all the way to the forest that outlined the town. I was dimly aware, as I sat down on the mud-streaked ground, burying myself in the bracken and twigs that lay around me, that the diner in which last night's episode had taken place was only up the road, but that didn't matter now, somehow. I was too caught up in what was happening to me now to care about anything else.
Maybe I'm dead, I thought, yeah, that's it. I died yesterday when Sebastian bit me and this is all that's left. And there's no escaping it – because I'm already dead! Or maybe.... maybe I died a few years back when I ran into the road and Will had to drag me back out by my coat sleeve and I almost got knocked down... maybe I actually did get knocked down. Or, maybe... maybe this is all real, and my life is impossibly sucky.
The tears clung to my eyelids, ran down my cheeks in messy rivulets, and still I couldn't stop. I buried my head in my hands and wondered how the world had changed so dramatically.
“Alexandra?”a voice asked, and it was male, and pretty familiar. I glanced upwards, and was not surprised by who I saw standing a little way in front of me. I had half expected to see him here, anyway. It didn't look like he had any other home to go to.
“Get away from me,”I hissed, jumping to my feet in a half-hearted fighting stance. I wasn't in the mood to fight anymore. I was, however, in the mood for the lying down in my bedroom and crying until I burst stage.
“Is this about last night? I thought we'd worked past our differences-”
“Get lost,”
“Not until you tell me what's wrong.”
“Is it that obvious?”I asked. The question was rhetorical, but he answered anyway. God, all his years on this earth (it occurred to me that I didn't actually know his real age, but he had to be pretty old, to have survived the whole stake-attack thing) and he couldn't read even the simplest social signs.
“Yes, it is, actually. Now spill,”he grinned at me, and lounged against the nearest tree trunk, watching me with curious eyes. I rolled my own.
“I'm not going to talk to a complete stranger about how I'm feeling... and especially not a complete stranger like you,”I spat, my rage flooding back like waves over calm waters. Sebastian frowned.
“That's a little prejudiced, isn't it?”
“Prejudice? Seriously? Can you hear yourself?! You almost killed me last night, and now you call me prejudiced?!”I was yelling, and I didn't even fight to lower my voice. Anger took over completely, the last scraps of my sanity lost in the wind, “My father has left us for one of you, and she's a bitch. You're all evil, soulless creatures with no regard for other people. You're all the same. Exactly the same,”
“You haven't had much experience with people, have you? Close family, maybe a few friends, is that it? You're not really accustomed with the real world, are you, Alexandra?”his voice was full of spite, and his rage waned mine a little. More tears came, not because he was right or anything (because he freakin' wasn't!) but because his tone frightened me, and it had just dawned that I was all alone in a forest with a vampire, and besides, the events of today were finally catching up to me. It was already going dark. I wasn't tired yet, but I was in the mood for a very long bath.
“No. You're wrong. You're wrong to have ever come to see if I was all right. I'm going now, and don't expect to see me here again. Ever,”I began to walk away, going for purposeful strides, but my eyes were so clogged up with tears that I couldn't see where I was going properly and I tripped over a very large piece of tree bark and went sprawling onto the floor, or I would have, if Sebastian hadn't caught me. He was suddenly there, so close his cologne was intoxicating. I tried to squirm away but he held me there, so near, so frighteningly near. I thought for a second he wasn't going to let me go, but he did, slowly, so I had no chance of falling again. I brushed myself off, avoiding his eyes.
“Are you okay now?”he asked, calm as anything. I nodded, embarrassed, glad to be steady on my feet again, “Want to talk?”he added, though by the point his enthusiasm had almost dried up. I gave a small nod.
We sat back down under the shadow of a large oak tree, and I poured my heart out to him, explaining all about my father's offer and the way Grace had treated me. It felt good, to get it off my chest to someone who might possibly understand. Will would have shrugged a lot and told me to forget all about my father – but Sebastian listened, nodded every once in a while, and held me when I burst into tears. He whispered soothing words into my ear, and let me soak his shirt in salty tears.
“Alex?”he asked a few minutes later, when I was almost done crying. I mumbled something incoherent into his shoulder.
“Get up, very, very slowly, and walk away, okay? Just trust me, do exactly as I say.”Sebastian told me, and I frowned.
“Why?”I whispered. Something told me that it would be a bad thing to start screaming right now.
“There are a group of hunters behind us, I'd say maybe four or five. Go home.”
“What about you?”I asked, trying my best not to panic. It didn't work – my voice raised a few octaves.
“I can handle this. Just go.”
“Not without you.”I replied firmly.
“Alex, I'm serious. If you don't want to die today, go. Don't run until you reach the road. I can handle them.”
“No. I'm not leaving you.”
He sighed, and then stood, lifting me with him, my arms entwined around his neck. My eyes widened as I saw the hunters, and I tightened my grip around Sebastian.
“You're so stubborn,”he said quietly, and then he was running.

There is nothing more exhilarating than dangling from a person's neck while they run. Serious adrenaline rush. I was getting dragged along, attempting to keep my grip as best I could, but eventually I gave up and dropped from Sebastian's neck, which landed me on my butt on the road. He grabbed my hand and began to tow me along again, but once I'd got my footing I could run just as well as he could. Hey, being on the track team wasn't a total waste of time, you know.
“Where are we going?”I panted once we neared the town centre. Sebastian managed to shrug, but we kept going, probably looking as if we'd just robbed a bank or something.
“Where's your house?”he asked, and his breathing wasn't heavy at all. I almost rolled my eyes at that. Almost.
“Three blocks from here,”I managed to breathe. I glanced behind us – the hunters were catching up. I told Sebastian to turn off at the next street, and he followed my instructions.
“I'll take a detour,”he told me, still sounding perfectly at ease. I frowned.
“Don't you think a shortcut would be more useful?” I asked, still jogging alongside him. The hunters were getting worryingly close, despite how fast we were going. Sebastian grinned sideways at me.
“We can lose them this way. Here – turn left.” he instructed, and I obeyed. We put on a burst of speed and turned another corner, and he was right – they weren't so close behind anymore. We had managed to confuse them, at least. I was running faster than I'd ever gone before – I was pretty proud of myself, actually. I had easily beaten my own personal best.
Finally, after what seemed like hours, we turned onto my street. My apartment block was in sight. We ducked into the doorway, and lurched up the stairs, glancing out of the second-floor window to check the hunters were gone. There was no sign of them anywhere – the street below was empty apart from a little old woman carrying her shopping home.
“What now?” I panted, leaning against the wall for support. Sebastian shrugged – and that certainly wasn't the reaction I expected from him.
“I guess I'll wait here until the coast is definitely clear,”he sighed eventually. I raised my eyebrows.
“Or you could just come inside,” I suggested. He smiled gratefully at me as I unlocked the door to our apartment, dreading what my mother would say when I brought a male vampire into our home. Thankfully, she was out – probably picking up groceries or burning the rest of Dad's things at the dump. Good riddance.
“Cosy,”Sebastian murmured, eyeing the family photographs lined up on the mantle. I winced – he was staring at a particularly bad picture of me with my tongue sticking out. How humiliating.
“I'm just going to take a shower... Feel free to make yourself at home. You might be here for a while.”Sebastian smiled at this. He settled down in an armchair and I rushed off to the bathroom, taking a change of clothes in with me and running the water until it was nice and hot. I stepped into the bathtub and let the water rush over my skin, warming me completely. I shampooed and conditioned my hair, basking in the sensation, and waited longer in the suds than was necessary, allowing the water to run cold before I finally exited the shower.
I dried myself off with a towel, and dressed quickly, in casual clothes – the blouse was a little sticky with blood by then. As soon as I'd blow-dried my hair, I strode back into the lounge, and gasped at what I found there.

“I thought I told you to stay away from her!”
“She was upset! I couldn't just leave her there all alone, could I? Wouldn't you have done the same?”
“You put her in danger, you bastard. Those hunters wouldn't have hesitated to kill a human, you know that, right? Now they know she's associated with you, don't they? They'll kill her!”Will's voice was hoarse – I guessed he'd been doing a lot of screaming. Had the sound of running water been so loud?
“I'll be out of town in a few weeks,”Sebastian sighed, still sitting in that same spot. Will looked as if he was about to whack him in the face – and I didn't think that would end well. Maybe with Will's arms ripped out of their sockets.
“Oh, and you think it'll be all fixed by then, do you? Those people – they live in town! They'll recognise her easily... And you're just going to leave? Leave her unprotected? I mean, I'll do my best, but somehow I don't think I'll come out on top after a fight with about twenty armed men...”
“They'll be long gone by then. I'll make sure of it.”
“And how exactly do you plan to do that, huh? You didn't stand a chance against them last night – so what makes you think you can fight them this time?”
“I'm not going to fight them.”
“Great. Just great,”Will sighed, and sat down on the couch, trembling. Neither of them had noticed I was standing in the doorway yet. I cleared my throat to announce that I was there, and both heads swivelled round.
“Alex!”Will squeaked. He sounded genuinely frightened that I'd heard the whole conversation. Sorry, correction: argument.
“What the hell are you doing here?”I asked, trying not to sound guilty about anything. I mean, I'd just spent over half an hour sobbing on Sebastian's shoulder, and I didn't think my boyfriend of one day would be too pleased about that.
“I came to see if you were okay, you know, after... today.”
Oh. Well that was... sweet. And unexpected. Damn, looking at Will's face right then made me feel bad, and I hadn't done a damn thing wrong. Sebastian had just comforted me, that was all. So why was my heart experiencing twinges every time he looked my way?
“Okay. Well, thanks, I appreciate the gesture. I assume Sebastian's told you about our little incident today?”I asked lightly. Will nodded grimly.
“Well, then, I'll order pizza. I trust you're staying for a while?”
“If you want me to,” Will said through gritted teeth. Sebastian's eyes flickered from me to Will, and back again. I guess he was just as confused about our arrangements as I was.
“Right, then. Pepperoni?”

I ordered the pizza in the kitchenette and then went back into the lounge to check that the boys weren't tearing each other's eyes out yet. Sebastian was sat calmly in his armchair, and Will was occupying a spot on the couch. Neither of them were speaking, which I took for a good sign. I switched the TV on and flicked until I found a harmless sitcom, and we all sat stiffly, staring at the screen. No-one laughed at the pathetic jokes. Will looked as if he was about to start sobbing.
When the heated tension in the room grew too much to bear, I stood up and made a stupid excuse to go hide in my bedroom. I threw myself onto the bed and got out my dog-eared diary from the shelf, and began to write. Somehow, writing down how I felt made it more bearable, and I'd reeled off four and a half pages before Will poked his head around the door.
“Pizza's here. Apparently Sebastian thinks it's a good idea to suck up to you right now – he's paid.” I took into account the way Will spat Sebastian's name, and trooped back into the lounge. I was surprised at how hungry I actually was – it's strange how bawling like a baby takes it out of you.
The atmosphere was more companionable while we ate, or at least Will and I did. Sebastian sat by the window, gazing out into the street, probably on the lookout for more hunters.
“So, Will, what did you get up to today?”I asked politely, trying and failing to start a conversation.
“Nothing,”he grunted, his mouth full of pizza. I went back to my own – he obviously wasn't in the mood for small talk.
“I was wondering, Sebastian... where did you go last night? To... sleep, if you even do that-”
“Yes, I sleep,”he chuckled, and stopped when he noticed Will's sour expression, “I stayed in the forest. Out of the way of hunters. As I said before, I'm not planning on staying here for long – I move around a lot. The times I manage to book a hotel room are the good ones,”
“You do know there's a motel not far from here, right? It's on the highway...”
“Nah, I'd rather stay in touch with mother nature, if you know what I mean. The forest here is beautiful.”
I totally agreed with him. That was why I had sought refuge in the trees in the first place – it was so soothing. It was good to find a guy in touch with his sensitive side, which was way more than I could say for Will, whose grunting and sarcastic remarks were just getting boring.
Once we'd finished eating, I cleared away the pizza boxes and dumped them in the trash can. I started wondering after Mom, she never stayed out this late. Maybe she'd decided to go to the local bar. I didn't blame her – she'd just lost everything. I was the only person she had left. But she might have called to let me know she was okay, or even left a note...
“Alex, you okay?”Sebastian called. I blinked – was it that obvious what I was thinking? I conjured up a bright smile from the depths of my heart and managed to nod at him, but it was quite obvious that I was falling apart inside. Not that Will noticed, or cared. Guys... who needs 'em?
“I'm fine, thanks. I think I just need some sleep... it's been a long day, y'know? Uh, Sebastian, I guess you could sleep on the couch... Mom'll probably be back soon – and she'll want her bed when she gets in, trust me,”I grinned, and turned to Will, “And I suppose you'll be going home?”
“Yeah, home to an empty house while you two stay and get cosy here. Sounds grand,”he turned to go, but I grabbed his wrist.
“Will, I don't know what you think this is, but... it's not what it looks like. I love you, okay? I already told you, last night. Stay, if you want to. I'm just afraid of what my mom'll say when she gets in, and sees two guys clogging up the apartment, but hey. She can say what she likes, right? I think we have spare blankets in the closet, I'll go look.”I told him, cheery as ever. I escaped into my mom's bedroom, closed the door behind me, and relaxed against it, glad to be out of the public eye. I could feel my heart pounding in my ribs – I had come so close to losing Will, and I didn't want that to ever happen again. I loved him, and whatever these feelings for Sebastian were, I'd just have to stamp them out, no matter what. Besides, what I felt for him was nothing compared to what I was feeling for the person whom I had known for fourteen years.
I routed in the closet for spare duvets, found one, and dragged it back into the lounge, dumping it on the couch for Sebastian to use. Since Will would be residing in my room, there'd be no need for extra blankets....
I tossed a pillow to Sebastian, and he caught it in a blinding motion, and mumbled his thanks. I gave a shaky smile – I still wasn't used to the whole vampire thing yet, despite the fact that he'd attacked me yesterday, and that my own father was going to become one in a matter of days.
“Goodnight, then. See you in the morning,” I told him, and, with no exaggerated lingering in the doorway like they do in those pathetic movies, I stalked back to my bedroom, where Will was waiting.
“Hey,” I whispered, sinking onto the bed and tugging off my shoes. I wasn't exactly sure how I was going to get changed into my pyjamas with him in the room, but I'd try. I didn't want him to leave. If he left, I'd start having doubts, and I didn't think I could handle that.
“Hi,” Will muttered, as I lay down. I'd sleep in my jeans, if I had to.
“I guess I'll take the floor, then,” he sighed, shooting me a look that said 'you can't have everything'.
“We could always... share,”
“I don't think your mom would be too happy if she came in here and found her daughter in bed with her best friend, do you? Besides, there's no room,”
“I can budge up! And I don't think Mom'll be too happy that I've let a vampire into our apartment, but hey.” There was a pause, and for a moment I thought I'd said something wrong.
“I've seen the way he looks at you, y'know. And the way you look at him. There's a definite attraction, Alex. Nothing I'll ever do will compare to him,”
“So it's jealousy, huh?” I asked, deliberately avoiding the question. If Will wanted to fling all our dirty laundry out now, he could damn well do it. But I was going to sleep.
“I just wish we'd never gone to eat at that diner,” he told me, sighing again. I bit my lip, wishing the exact same thing, and also that Sebastian couldn't hear us whispering through the walls. Also, if we were going for the whole 'three wishes' thing, I wouldn't mind the tears coming to a halt. Or, y'know, a pony.
“I meant what I said before, you know. I do love you, Will. Honestly. Now, please, I need some sleep, or my head is going to explode. But I love you, okay?” I used the opportunity to pat the bed beside me, and Will, if a little begrudgingly, climbed under the covers. I closed my eyes, and, a few minutes later, he slipped his arm around me, and we went to sleep, curled up together, blocking out the rest of the world, and Sebastian with it.

The phone woke me a little while later. I scrabbled up to the surface of the duvet, shoving Will aside, and began to clamber over his sleeping form.
Sebastian was already up, alert, and was about to reach for the phone when I burst into the lounge. He unhooked the receiver and spoke quietly into it, “Hello, Middleton residence,”
I gritted my teeth – yelling at him wouldn't get me anywhere, but it was my apartment, dammit. He had no right to just take over like that.
“Oh. It's you- What? What the hell do you think you're doing?! She isn't involved in any of this! She has nothing to do with your private affairs – you'll release her immediately, do you understand?! Listen to me-” he cut off abruptly, “Oh. I see. This doesn't change anything, Morgan. I'll be there as soon as I can,”
“What's going on?” I mumbled groggily, and Sebastian's head snapped up.
“I have to go.”
“What about the hunters?”
“The hunters aren't an issue anymore,”
“What do you mean-”
“Look, Alex, just leave it, okay? This doesn't concern you,”
“They called here, didn't they? This is my home, Sebastian! Who the hell was that on the phone?”
“Wrong number,”
“Yeah. 'Cause that argument was about a wrong number. You may be an 'advanced species' in your own eyes, but I'm not completely stupid. Hey, wait- You can't just leave!”
“I have to go, Alex. I'll be in touch,”
“What the hell does that mean?! Sebastian – wait! Come back here!”
Too late. He'd gone, slamming the door behind him. I groaned inwardly – why did he have to go all vampire on me all of a sudden? And who the hell was on the phone?
“Will! Will, wake up! We're going out!” I called into the bedroom, and watched him stretch, yawning. I rolled my eyes, pulling on my battered Converse and running a brush through my hair to tame it.
“Where's the fire?” Will mumbled, causing my temper to flare. I threw a pillow at him, and dragged him out of bed by the arm.
“He's left. Sebastian left, and there's something wrong. Creepy phone-guy called Morgan – and something about a woman being dragged into issues that don't concern her.”
“Wait – what? He's gone? Finally.” he breathed a sigh of relief and I had to backtrack to grasp the male point of view.
“This is a freaky vampire thing, and all you can think of is him being gone? You have serious jealousy issues, Will, and if I were you, I'd make sorting them out a top priority.”
“Whatever,” he paused, “So, where are we going, exactly?”
“We're going to follow him. I thought that much was obvious.”
“Ri-ight. Well, it wasn't. Not really.” by this time he was tugging on his own shoes.
“Let's go then. Before he disappears with his vamp powers,”
We exited the apartment, locked the door behind us, and ran out into the street. There was no sign of Sebastian, or anyone else, for that matter. Cool winter air rushed onto my face as we searched in both directions, jogging all the way to the pizza parlour at the end of the road (which was closed, surprise, surprise) and back to the cluster of houses at the other side.
“Maybe we should try the forest. He seems to hang out there a lot...”
“Right. Hang on – who did he say he was going to meet?”
“Some guy called Morgan. Why?”
“I've heard the name somewhere before... but I can't remember where, exactly. A newspaper, I think. He's, uh, the head of a vampire group. Their leader. Real scary guy – there was a picture, I think. A couple of humans found out where he was hiding out, and reported it to the police, but they were too afraid to go in. Found the humans in the lake the next day with their limbs torn right off. Remember it was closed a while back? That's the reason,”
Wow. Who thought Will could be so smart all of a sudden? Certainly not me. But, hey, that didn't mean I wasn't grateful or anything.
“So where was he hiding out? Did the newspaper say?”
“Yeah, but he's probably moved on by now. The group left as soon as Morgan went crazy and killed those people. I'm guessing they're back, though, right?”
“Right. So where exactly was this place?”
“The warehouse.”

The warehouse was a run-down building behind the forest – a place where Will and I visited regularly to catch up on stuff when we didn't feel like spending money and both our houses were full of people. There were a few holes in the corrugated roof and it was constantly damp, which attracted rats, but we usually managed to get a fire going which scared them away, and we used my beaten up umbrella to shade ourselves from the rain. Besides, no-one ever came there except couples who couldn't afford a room and drunken teenagers coming to sleep off the hangover. It was peaceful, most of the time.
“Doesn't really look like a vampire's lair to me,” I remarked as we drew closer. Will shrugged.
“Yeah, but they'd want to keep it hidden, wouldn't they? Besides, it's right by the forest where he sleeps, right? Come on, let's go round the back and see what's goin' on,”
We crept round, trying to avoid any tree roots, and peeked in through a broken window. It looked pretty empty to me.
“There! That's him – Morgan.” Will hissed, pointing. I followed his finger and watched a tall man with waist-length black hair striding across the main room, looking like he despised the world.
“I know it was you! The thing I can't stand is that you come here and you lie to my face! You took them, Sebastian, and I know it! I swear, I'll get this information out of you whatever it takes!”
There was a muffled scream from the other side of the room. I craned my neck to see.
Sebastian was tied up with silver chains in the corner, strewn across the dirty floor like a rag doll, with a gag in his mouth. The chains had burned right through his wrists and angry boils were breaking out where they had touched. I muffled a cry.
“What the hell's going on?” I whispered to Will. I felt him shrug beside me.
“Silence, fool! I smell humans, close by. Did you send innocents to come to your rescue, Sebastian? How pathetic – you bring humans to my hiding place and tell yourself they won't be hurt. Bruce, check the grounds. Don't let them get away,”
It was all we needed to hear – we began to run. I felt sick, confused, and downright angry. I was ready to kill Sebastian myself if Morgan didn't get the job done. How dare he? How fucking dare he get us dragged into this?!
I hit the ground suddenly, watched the colours flash before my eyes before I heard Will come to a grinding halt beside me. A foot pressed down on my back as I struggled to my feet again.
“Get off of me!” I screamed, grappling for a tree-branch or something to help me to my feet. Bruce laughed, a low, thunderous sound.
“Get up,” he commanded, dragging me into a standing position with his beefy fists. Once Will and I were both on our feet, he gripped us by the hair and began to drag us inside.
“Please. You don't have to do this. Please! Let us go, we won't tell a soul where you are. I swear! Please! No!” I was yelling, but Bruce took no notice. We were at the entrance to the warehouse now – there was no stopping him. We were going to die today, if we were lucky. If not, we'd be tortured until we broke.
“Here, Master,” he said in his gruff voice, and threw us down again. A whimper escaped my lips.
“Thank you, Bruce. Thought you could outsmart me, you pathetic creatures?” Morgan spat. Will scrambled to stand, but I stayed on the floor, ready to burst into tears when the time arose.
“N-no,” I whispered, when Will ignored the question and Morgan didn't say anything else. I couldn't really see any of the action from my perch on the ground, but I could guess at what was going on.
“Then why are you here? Come to watch him die? I don't think so.”
That was it. I stood up, realised I was facing Sebastian, cowering in the corner, and turned to find Morgan standing right behind me.
“I've had enough of this. I am sick of being treated like something inferior! I get it at home, I get it from him, and I don't want another person to add to the list! I know you're a big fancy vampire, but, see here, the thing is, I don't care anymore. All this politics and superiority has to stop! It's pointless-”
He backhanded me, sending me sprawling on the floor yet again. Seriously, the smell of dirt and urine was getting to my head a little. I suddenly didn't want to be on the floor anymore. Better not to piss off the vampire.
“Don't you ever lay a finger on her, you bastard!” Will screeched, lurching for him. A fight was not going to be on the agenda today.
“Will, no! Leave it, please.” I begged, and he backed off a little. Morgan chuckled.
“Trying to protect your girlfriend, human? Oh, how I wish my wife was still alive. Well, nothing I can do about it now, I suppose. I killed her years ago, nothing to be said. Right. Let's get this show on the road.” I could almost imagine him rubbing his grubby little hands together in anticipation.
“Would someone care to inform us exactly what's going on here?” I asked, standing unaided this time and wiping my palms on my jeans.
“Your Sebastian has kidnapped sixteen of our girls, and he won't admit to where he's hidden them. Or whether or not he's killed them yet. He was trying to get them to convert to his standard of living but they didn't want to go. So he took them.” Morgan explained in a harsh voice. Sebastian's incoherent protests were hardly heard over the sound of his spite.
“Do you have any, um, proof, that Sebastian was the one that did it?” I asked bravely, but my voice trembled with fear.
“Proof? Why would I need proof? I do not need a reason to kill him, human, I have plenty already, trust me on that. The fool thinks he can avoid us – stupid man. He's not even worthy of that title.”
“Mmmnn!” Sebastian cried.
“Maybe if you just let him explain... Just give him a couple of minutes, okay? I-if you want to find your, uh, girls,”
“Bruce?” Morgan told his servant/bodyguard. It was clearly an instruction.
Bruce tore the cloth gag from Sebastian's mouth. I winced as I saw the blood on his face, the bruising around his eyes.
“I didn't do it, I swear!” it was the first thing out of his mouth. I swallowed past the bile in my throat and tried to speak calmly.
“Sebastian, what exactly is going on?”
“He thinks I kidnapped them, but I didn't. Honestly. Morgan, I'm not stupid enough to lie to you. Please, just let me go. You don't have to do this. I'll find them for you. I'll find them, but let her go, at least. You can kill me, even, but she has nothing to do with it,”
“Who are you talking about? Who's 'she'?”
“No, Sebastian. I want her to find out from me. Come, human. Come and see just how serious I am about all of this,”
Morgan gestured that I come stand by him. As nervous as I was, I wanted to see what had Sebastian so freaked out. I went to Morgan's side, and looked where he was pointing, fear gripping my insides. Once I saw just who he held captive, my stomach lurched.