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Chapter Lengths? (1 Viewer)

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Olivia Brine

Senior Member
I've heard anywhere between 1.5k-2.5k words for a chapter. Do shorter chapters read easier? I'd like to reach about 100k words for my novel to put it into perspective.


There's no set length, but 8 - 10 pages is the average. Thinking logically, many people commute and have busy days so the shorter chapters are going to be more convenient for those people. A chapter can be finished on a bus, in a taxi on a train, in a break etc, giving the reader a definite end point from which to continue. I'd say a scene change could also be helpful if the chapter is much longer, still allowing a natural break off point and a definite place to continue from.

Personally, I'm not even considering this with my novel. The chapters will be as long or short as they need to be.

Mark Twain't

Staff member
Board Moderator
I've been setting my chapters as scenes so they do average around 1.5-2k but some may be 5-6k and some maybe only 4-500.

I agree with Az regarding smaller chapters though. I like to read in bed and I hate stopping in the middle of a chapter. It's nice to know as my eyes begin to droop that I only have a few minutes left of the chapter.


Senior Member
Y'know, I was considering posting something about this myself. I'm mortified by the concept of underwriting. Glad to know the 1.5k-2k range is considered acceptable.


Senior Member
Chapters are as long as are necessary and no longer. I know authors that never write a chapter over 1500 words and others that are writing 10-15k chapters. So long as it's tolerable to your readers, do what you wish.


WF Veterans
To me, chapters are just breaks for the reader and bullet points on my outline marking major story points to reach. How ever many scenes I need to complete my objective is the number of scenes per chapter I'll have.
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