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So this is my addition to this forum, please check other forums for any writing that I may want to share.

We will start with a simple neck chain in the box chain 'knit':
View attachment 24195 EDIT: For some reason I'm seeing this photo as a link, and a 'thumbnail' of the photo at the bottom of the post, could someone let me know if it's showing that way to you?

Then how about a bracelet:

And we could go with a cat collar:
Those were done in stainless steel.

Then we can look at some of my works in other materials, like my dice bags:

Starting top left and going clockwise, stainless again, aluminum, brass, and silicon bronze.

Or my coif: made in aluminum and modeled by me, as was the bracelet and the neck chain:

As for works in progress, I do have a few pieces in various stages of build.
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