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Cecilia Dart-Thornton (1 Viewer)


Has anyone read any books by Cecilia Dart-Thornton? (The Bitterbyne trilogy, the Iron Tree)
She does some really nice descriptions, very vivid and poetic. Perfect for a fantasy, when I read her stuff it either depresses me because of my lack of talent, or inspires me to write. I don't really like the plots to allot of her stuff, but the enviroment-world she creates is very vast and well described, it seems really authentic.
I'd recomend it to other fantasy writers.


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I've heard conflicting opinions on her. One person I spoke to objected you her being compared with Tolkein. He said to me, "I wasn't aware Tolkein wrote that poorly."

I might have to borrow a copy of the first bitterbyne book and see for myself. Not sure I could be convinced to dish out any money just yet.


I think that persons right, she's definately not as good as Tolkien. The Bitterbynde trilogy became bland for me towards the end of the second book, though I don't know if thats just me or not. I only like her work because of her descriptions and atmosphere she creates, its seems very well researched.
I recomend you try it, though no one can say you'll like it.