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catching up{dragocon art haul} (1 Viewer)


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I am just posting on here to do a status update so people will not worry about me, I have started walking and it is helping me be more productive and get over my mental illness. it may help me write in the future. I tried other exercises but this is the easiest one to get finished in a day and it helps out a lot.... below is my art haul from dragoncon.. my free money doubled but I swear my hobbies plus my writing still fills the hole thing...


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I am working on my hobby of writing. Going to save my birthday money and Christmas money to buy supernova dolphin magnifier with text to speech reader of it helps. According to an article on IBM 's company website magnification helps with perception difficulties for people with dsylexia. I used spellex which includes a magnifier. But I want more magnification and a text to speech reader that highlights in both colors and gives contrast when reading. That way I can make less mistakes. It costs 600 On Amazon which I am saving for when both dates hit. I also have the books on how to compose paragraphs and narratives without problems. Some creative writing textbooks suggest start with an activity for narration. I am eyeing the thread on how to do research on buildings and interiors by themightyaz. I hope to pick it up by Wednesday. I want to produce quick drafts without mistakes which is my goal.

Nice artwork. Keep it up.