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Catch-22 (1 Viewer)


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If you havent already read it, Joseph Heller's bestselling classic is the funniest book ive ever read. I know i've said this before on this forum, but Mark Twain once said "A classic is a book which people praise and do not read."


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I second that - it's a great book filled with absurdity and it made me laugh out loud a number of times. It's long, but worth it.


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compared to the ho-hum fantasy or sci fi book you see jam packed on every shelf... its actually kinda short. but it is brilliant.

interesting rumor...sounds like it might be true: a reported once told heller, quite boldy straight to his face,
"So, You never wrote anything as good as Catch 22"

to which he replied:

"Well, who has?"

:) funny man.


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I recommend that if you ever have to study this book you read it once for pleasure first. Most teachers will slaughter this book...


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Has anyone read Closing Time? I was wondering if I should read it or if I'll just end up being extremely disappointed.


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Closing Time doesn't come close to Catch 22.

Sure, you meet many of the original characters ( Yossarian, Milo, the Chaplain... ), but you never feel for them in the same way.

It's readable in its own right, but it doesn't have the war setting and the craziness that came with it. As a follow up to Catch 22, definitely a disappointment - and totally unnecessary.