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I've had an interest in fiction writing as long as I can remember. However, I rarely find a story that carries me away with it. And in the past, I've had trouble finishing it. While I have submitted some works of fiction to publishers in the past I have been unsuccessful in actually getting published.

(Well, there are a few technical and academic journal publications but that's a bit different.)

Up until recent years, time has always been a liability as well. However, now I have a comfortable life and career that allows me to have the hobbies I truly enjoy ... and now I'm interested in including fiction writing in my life.

I have no desire to take the world by storm or publish until I canst publish no more. Money isn't even a big worry. I just wish to, sometime in my life, have a work of fiction that is mine, that I am proud of and that has some critical success published.

*descending from soapbox*

*putting away microphone*

*waving hello/goodbye-for-now*