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can you write a 50 word story? try it! (1 Viewer)


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After the love nuancing was over, she told him that she enjoyed him. There was no reason for him not to believe her; she knew that all, this way or that way, was just a pretending game to him: the love indulgency passes beside them. It does not let them find the four-leafed clover.
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Terry D

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He held the cockroach in his fist as he waited. Tight, but not too tight. He felt its legs struggling against the prison of his hand.

The slot in the door to his cell scraped open, and moldy bread was offered.

He took it greedily and made a sandwich.


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There's never enough. Never enough time, never enough money, just never enough, but this was going to solve everything. Dr. Hydrangea "Hydie" Hills was tired of never having enough. This device was going to change everything. This device was the answer to all of Hydie's problems, and all of the world's problems if she used it right. The question was, would she?

-62 words. Went a little over but I just got a little too excited. Sticking to word limits is definitely not my strength lol.


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Fine spring morning. Here they come; one, two, three. Where’s four?
“Patty! Come on, honey. It’s almost time for school.”
“I’m here, Mom,” says Patty, still in her pajamas.
“Why aren’t you dressed? You haven’t eaten yet.”
“Mom, you said I have ‘spring fever’ so I went back to bed.

True story!! :) (50 words)


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The cats were determined to end the war. They gathered their human servants and made an army. They charged through the storm towards King's Tower. The evil king was stabbed by a thunderous sword. It was all thanks to the heroine who descended from heaven. The cats feasted on tuna.


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The hunter stood upon his perch, eyeing the forest floor below him. His eyes were the sharpest in the land, and no mouse could escape his gaze. After what seemed like an eternity, he caught glimpse of his target, and as swift as lightning swooped in for the kill.

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Rain again! Puddle stomping would be good.
"You're not going out there without boots," mom said.
"Where are they?"
"Wherever you left them."
"I don't know where that is, help me find them!"
"Go look yourself. I'm busy in the kitchen."
No luck. Stuck inside!
"I made cookies."
"Thanks, mom."


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Get out of my head. "You're not real!" Where's my pills? You're a delusion, Doctor McHenry said so. "I'm not listening to you anymore!" I don't care if you threaten me with hell if I light this place on fire. "You're not real, and I'm not listening to you anymore!"


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The beast snarled at him across the gap, revealing rows of yellowed teeth and allowing a gust of foul stench to fill the air and his nostrils. His fists clenched by his side and he promised himself this would be the last Christmas spent with his mother-in-law.


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I stood and stared in shock at the monster that stood in front of me, staring into the depths of my soul. Whatever stared back was filled with a darkness I can’t comprehend. It took me a long time before I finally flicked off the lights and exited the bathroom


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Each sudden movement of the second hand made the teachers left eye tick as he stared directly at the clock. The air filled with nervous tension as the hand reaches the near vertical, and as it reached its zenith the bell sounded to end another day of school.


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He came and went with only a one word text to show that he had existed at all. What was his purpose, his reason? The hole he left was filled with unanswered questions but it was still a hole and it would exist forever. A legacy of negativity. An enigma.


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She was an enigma, appearing in the back of the church. No one knew who she was or what she wanted. Dressed in simple clothes, her face was calm, her eyes gentle, nothing out of the ordinary about her at all... except for the thing she held in her hands...

Yours Truly

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This started out as 89 words, I trimmed it down to 50. Cutting out half the story, hard, but an interesting learning experience.

"It was moving now, methodically searching the room. He held his breath. He needed more time. It sniffed the air. Time dragged, his heart pounded. Maybe he was safe, it would give up soon.
Hot breath spilled onto the back of his neck, he heard it whisper "Tag, you're it.""

I don't like the word "spilled" in that sentence, but I couldn't decide what other word would fit better.
Mother Bird was cautious with which truths she imparted to Baby Bird, hoping he would not come to know the same suffering as her. Unburdened by smallness or fear, Baby Bird eventually leapt from the nest, spread his wings, and flew into the patient jaws of Old Coyote.


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Finally he had reached the roof. He looked over the edge at the ten story drop. Taking a deep breath he said "I'm coming baby", then jumped. The paramedics were amazed he had survived. One claimed he " Must have had someone looking over him".


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Billy and Tommy were having an argument as to who the killer was in Armchair Mystery theater. The play had just reached that crucial moment when the killer would be revealed. Then all of a sudden most of the east coast was plunged into an enormous power outage.


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The funeral procession moved through the graveyard, amidst the boughs of trees sanctified by the passage of time. One by one, a series of flowers (all diverse kinds) were laid on top of the coffin. When the last one was placed, they spoke their laments for the dearly departed dead.


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He casually tossed the flowers on her grave, then stared at the headstone for a while before turning to walk brusquely to his car. He pulled the pistol from under the seat. His eyes moved back and forth between it and the keys in his other hand again and again.