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can you write a 50 word story? try it! (1 Viewer)

Red Sonja

Senior Member
Ed was gone, his body hidden. Tomorrow the tunnel would be flooded. I'd done it.

Footsteps approached: Frank.

"Last-minute inspection," I began to explain, but he interrupted:

"Ed said come find you."

"Uh… when?"

"Just now."

A rumble in the distance. Panicking: "He said tell you the seals were breaking!"

Red Sonja

Senior Member
Fae said to Mouse: "Guard my keepsakes while I'm away! Here's beer and cheese. My magic fire doesn't go out. But stay awake!"

Mouse ate, drank, and, warmed by the fire, slept.

Returning, the angry fairy turned Mouse into a toad that unfortunately leaped around her home, spoiling her keepsakes.


This one and the one above it are each 50 words.
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He looked up at me, waiting expectantly for words of praise and encouragement. I opened my eyes, and regained composure from feelings of pure ecstasy and pleasure he had expertly given me. As the room slowly came into focus, I whispered, "That was the best pedicure I have ever had."

Red Sonja

Senior Member
Two dogs run over the heath, one whimpering with singed paws, still running strongly.


"Only Maddingly's shed burned," said the inspector. "Knocked his whiskey over; candle set it ablaze. Died of smoke inhalation."

"Where are those poor dogs he had tied here day and night? No sign of em."

(50 words)


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Petunia used to sit on that rocking chair every day for years, from the day she turned 70. Always rocking, always watching, always waiting. One day, a meteor hit the neighborhood and destroyed them all. In her final moments she smiled to herself. At long last, the wait was over.

Red Sonja

Senior Member

"Your name?" I asked, shuffling, once his $60 (three soiled twenties) was tucked into my boot.

A leer. "You're the psychic!"

"All righty: Joe Mondragon, who just lost his life savings gambling. Thinks his wife doesn't know, but she d-- sorry, sir, the sign outside CLEARLY states 'No Refunds'."

(50 words not counting the title)

Red Sonja

Senior Member
I started laughing again and that started Mikal again too. He quit digging for a moment to squint up at the hot stars.

"How many times did you tell him that was a lethal dose, again, Nem?"

"Haha, stop! At least five."

The crickets were loud. We went on digging.


Staff member
A Bitter Aftertaste (46 words)

A Bitter Aftertaste

Once upon a time there lived an ant named Roger. He was the Don Juan of the Ant Kingdom. All the little queens in waiting couldn’t get enough of him. This pissed off the Queen; for Roger was meant only for her, so she ate him…He was quite delicious...
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Red Sonja

Senior Member
Polly and Kelly primped at their mirror. "Where tonight?"

"Hm… Oh!" Sidling closer to the window: "Bandersnatch!"

"Bandersnatch it is!" Polly yelled.


Outside Club Bandersnatch, they waited. "There!" Kelly exclaimed.

Their neighbor Jackson, an overweight young man, hesitated before the pricey nightclub, finally went in.

"Club Nitro, driver!" Polly giggled.

(50 words not counting the little line used to divide the chapters)


Senior Member
Conversation Between Two Cats On Computer

Pook: Ohhh @#$%&!! This stupid Photoshop program sucks!

Saav: Why? Here, let me see it. What’s wrong?

Pook: It won’t let me fix this picture! Gaaaaahhhhhhh!! Piece of rotten programming!!

Saav: Oh, I see....um, well, it can’t. You really DO look like that, Pook.

50 words in all.


Staff member
The Cyber Death of a Tasteless Fool

The drugged out women screamed as I put a few bullets through his head. The degenerate hadn't showered in days, he reeked of something awful. I gently took the panic stricken woman's hand and told her I was taking her to a rehabilitation center. But first, I needed to wash out her mouth with soap---it smelled like putrefied fish.
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John Applegate, ninety years old, gently stroked against the last canvas of his career.

The woman lying on the couch smiled. “Please take a few inches off me.”
“I have loved you long enough to close my eyes and paint how I feel.”
“I love you, John.”
“I love you.”


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I have watched my neighbor constantly and closely
for the last six months but still can’t figure out
if the man is sane.

True, he giggles when in pain and laughs when abused.
But is that really enough?


Watching my neighbor 24/seven is really tough!


Senior Member
The weeping willow had been blocking the golden sunlight from filtering through my oval bedroom window.


It obliterated my view of the pink and white cherry-blossomed riverside.

So I decided to chop it down.

But as it toppled, I lost footing and beneath it my dentures were found.


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I shifted in my cocoon of silk, feeling a warmth beginning to radiate in my body, hotter and hotter.

My re-birth is coming soon. My Advent.


The lady, with her skillful, weathered hands, spun a glimmering strand of silk off the cocoon bobbing in the heated water bath.


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"But I still love you...", she whispered as he walked away.

She rehearsed every word tonight, determined to do the right thing for she knew they are better off apart.

For she can no longer hide her secret.
What she is.

A banshee.


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Gasping for breath and ignoring the pain in his chest he pushed himself harder, sweat forming on his brow. He staggered to a stop, sucking air deep into his lungs as he looked with trepidation behind him. Joy filled his heart, the bus was running late as well.

Paul DeYoung

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His pet turtle, Duke Turlington, did not mutate into any sort of crime fighting superhero but instead became a rather droll and stuffy pseudo intellectual on all things cold blooded. Lesson learned. The next time a bleary eyed time traveler offers you green ooze, just say no.


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Stardate 24/02/17 - 14:30

Dear Diary

Today I was challenged to write a story in under 50 words.

I succeeded.