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can you write a 50 word story? try it! (2 Viewers)



Morla squatted by the fireplace as orange and yellow flames came a blaze when she tossed the blood stained shirt and jeans into the fire. Tom was dead thank God, no more snoring, at last she will have a peacfull nights sleep.

That was 42 words. But you get the idea I hope.


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Fred was fifty, free and feeling groovy. Until now life had been uneventful. Married at 16, mediocre income, 3 kids now grown, and a wife that drove him crazy. He glanced at the chipper shredder and smiled.


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I walk to the kitchen and start the blender, adding a several cups of lemon juice to help. Click - the deafening noise stops abruptly. I open the taps and pour the contents into the sink. I watch as the very last drop of blood disappears down the drain. Finished.

50 words


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When lilacs bloom, there is a poignancy to their fragrance. Intoxication from the aroma is marred by the flower's status in floral interpretation. Roses of different shades are registered with meanings of love, purity and friendship. Yet, here I am in love with the beauty of betrayal. Hope springs eternal.
Why does every story have to allude to a grisly murder? Why can't it be a nice, happy tale like:

"We sat by the fire, playing charades. It was a lovely evening, full of a somewhat humbling burgeois undertone. Then a meteor hit the cabin and we were evaporated in a nanosecond. So was everyone else on the planet, which makes our tale seem so much less unique. THE END."


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The beautiful fly, so graceful yet quick in it's endless search for particles of food; emitting the consistent buzzing sound that not only informs it's predators of it's location, but makes the vulnerable insect even more vulnerable while he himself is to blame.

The fly comes closer and closer.


(50 words)


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Fred was in the final of the projectile vomiting championships. His opponent was Nasty Von Cheatenhiemer, an apparently friendly, fair fellow. However whilst Fred was chundering with all his might, Von Cheatenhiemer distracted him.
“That was unexpected!” Decided Fred.
Luckily, Hollywood being what it is Fred fought back to win.


A monkey swung from the branch of the walla-walla tree. Lush greenery surrounded him on all sides. What a wonderful life it is, He thought, To be swinging in this tree. There was the roar of a rifle and that life ended.

- 42 words

Beatrice Boyle

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It was a beautiful sunny day. It was her birthday and Roger had invited her to breakfast at her favorite romantic restaurant. She prayed he would propose. As she exited the elevator, she glanced at the menu posted outside the lobby for September llth, 2001, for Windows On The World!


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The bible in fifty words!

Adam and Eve were naughty with fruit so god cast them out and there was lots of suffering which got worse so Jesus sacrificed himself to save us. His opium smoking partially literate believers wrote a lot about this, big sea monsters, heaven, hell and a whole lot of sex!


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George got into his chevrolet, pulled out of his parking space and drove into the oncoming traffic.

( Not only 17 words but a story in a sentence)
He picked the piece of flesh hanging from his teeth and swallowed it back with a slurp. Lena would be proud of him. It was a well seasoned joint, not overdone, with that hint of metallic from the blood. She never tasted so good.


This was the happiest day of his life. The night was cool and clear, stars were sparkling brighter than he'd ever seen; the universe looked so perfect, so peaceful, so calm. The night was perfect and so was his wife; his goddess. Not even the night sky, the universe; nothing could match Jessica. The two love birds snuggled together in complete bliss.

Ok so it's slightly longer than 50 words but I like it too much to change it.


The Newbie looked blankly at the screen
“A short story with only 50 words”
The newbie hadn’t written since school which was 18 years ago. He muttered to himself something about having to start somewhere and after a few minutes a smile had etched itself across his face
“Job done”.

(50 words)

The start to my journey into writing....Never mind things can only get better...... :lol: