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Can you start marketing your book to your audience without a cover? (1 Viewer)


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In order to become more successful, I have learned a lot about effective marketing and what could work for my audience. I want to let them know about my current project early and plan the release so that I can have a more satisfying level of success with my books.
However, my cover is still being designed, although it should be done by the end of this month, if not, early next month. I am brainstorming a marketing plan for my readers, but should I wait until my cover is done? My project is pretty much in good shape in terms of content and literary elements. I don't want to wait too long, otherwise, I will unlikely succeed at the level I wish.
What do you say? If I announce a description of my current project to my audience, will that lead to little to no success? I know pictures and videos make a big difference. Maybe I should make a video, put that on my site, and use that until my cover is designed. Or do you think I should wait?