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Can you make a sentence a story? (1 Viewer)


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She ran as fast as she could, one foot dashing in front of the other, until she reached the edge and had no choice but to jump into the black abyss.

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As far as memory serves, she always walked with a smile at my side to the mountain peaks, along the rivers and creeks in endless valleys, and deep into vast deserts without a complaint, then the seizures arrived and she went away.


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Time passed, and there could have been rumours of a far star, flickering into being or going nova, had there been any coalescing particles or a coven of living creatures to transmit such apocrypha among themselves, but there were none of these things, and so time passed, and whatever suns there were, lived and died in silence.


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"One hop, skip and a jump," I shouted on a giggle; as I charged down the path and straight into the white picket gate with a bump knocking myself unconscious.


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The veggie garden

The gardens full of vegetables, growing juicy for the Sunday dinner, why don't you go pick the parsnips? And get some sprouts while your at it, Sunday dinner will be the nicest one yet!


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Sudden silence seized hold of the air, as the comforting roar of the engines ceased.


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After a long week of work and play, grateful the car
still hums and hips still forage on, blessed is the
weekend’s invisible cookoo clocks and mindless
meandering...until the phone rang.


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The End of the Line

The vibrant bang made the birds take off into the sunset while the concerned look in my friend’s big eyes turned stale.


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In That Moment

It only took Alicia a moment to realize what was happening, and in that moment it was as if every nerve in her body had simply stopped.