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Can someone point me in the right direction (1 Viewer)



Thanks to lulu.com, I recently published a political thriller entitled 'The Patriot Committee'.
Several of my readers consider that this is film material.
As I don't have an agent can anyone assist me in identifying film agents/producers etc...?

Here is a synopsis of the plot.

The Patriot Committee
They had failed to stop 9/11. Their warnings were ignored, at the top. Their evidence had not been conclusive – and now, 5 years later, they are once more confronted with evidence that another dastardly act of vengeance is under way. They must not fail again.
For The Patriot Committee – a covert group of six hand-picked anti-terrorist operatives run by Admiral Williams of the CIA and reporting only to him and/or the President of the United States – the challenge is daunting. Locating the Al Quaida sleeper cell in a short time span is probably going to be an impossible mission. Identifying their planned action and putting in place adequate measures to thwart it must get first preference.
In the meantime there are indications that Admiral Williams may be playing a double game, putting in jeopardy the investigation, and perhaps the very existence, of the group. Having already lost one of their men, the group has no option but to go underground if they are to foil the terrorist action while at the same time flushing out a few highly-placed elements in the CIA who are no longer to be trusted.
The novel builds up to a thrilling crescendo, with The Patriot Committee powerless to prevent the inflight hi-jacking of Air Force One, with the President aboard, but subsequently exhibiting considerable ingenuity in bringing the affair to a satisfactory conclusion.
The narrative strength of this novel is significantly enhanced by an attempt to explore the mind-set and motivations of an Al Quaida terrorist, fully adapted to the American way of life – until the call comes, whereupon he reverts to a primitive hatred of the Western world and all it stands for.


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Several of my readers consider that this is film material.
As I don't have an agent can anyone assist me in identifying film agents/producers etc...?

that's not liable to do you any good, as they buy completed screenplays, not self-published novels... or plots... if you had an agent or a paying publisher and the book was selling well, one or the other would shop it around and handle the sale of film rights for you, depending on what was set out in your contract...

since you self-published, your best chance is to write the film adaptation/script yourself, if you can... or pay a seasoned screenwriter to do it for you [wga's basic minimums run $50-100k... non-wga writers are somewhat less]...

or, if you have any connections in the industry, do up a treatment and see if you can interest a studio/producer in buying the film rights and having their own writers adapt it...

sorry to say, just approaching agents or producers with only a self-published novel isn't likely to get you anywhere... but miracles have been known to happen...

you find agents/producers at the library in the 'hollywood creative directory'... agent listiings are online at AAR, WGA and writers market... be sure to check all on preditors & editors and google for info and their sites, to avoid falling victim to all the shams and scams out there...

love and hugs, maia
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Thanks for your comments Maia.
Will try some of your suggestions.