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Can someone correct any mistakes their might be in this writing? (1 Viewer)

mr. ramstad

Senior Member
"“Ah, Lord Farley” called out a plush voice from among a nearby group.

The man who had been called out recognized the voice well and he tried not to show sign of a visible cringe as the person proceeded towards him in a smooth, eloquent fashion.

“It’s ever so nice to see you again, dear.” she went on, now face to face with the man. “I understand you’ve been rather ill lately, it has been a worry of mine, are you any better now?”

“Yes, yes” snapped Lord Farley.

Her eyebrows puckered up slightly.

“...So, I see you are here following the proceedings” he said, hoping to regain her.

“Why of course!” her enthusiasm heightened. “Such an event is far too intriguing for me to let it slip by. Tell me, have you any news on this ship tha-”

His annoyance returned as fast as wind. “Miss... Lady, I trust you understand that such proceedings are not in need of prying eyes or ears? These are matters which are discussed behind closed doors, and it shall stay that way.”

The woman who had made herself known to him, and who spoiled his air, was a Lady. A woman who rested on a substantial amount of wealth, something which could only be matched by her amazing sense of importance and overdressed style. She was the Lady of some manor, Blightborne Manor if he remembered correctly, out in the highlands somewhere. "