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Can I still do it? (1 Viewer)



I'm frustrated beyond belief, but I really don't want to give up!

So far, I've only written 515 words!! Do you think it's too late? I hear of others who finished their Nano's last year in 10 or even 3 days!

It's just I've been away from home for a while and with our celebrations here and spending more time with family and major writer block, I've been behind.

Does anyone here feel like becoming my WRITER BUDDY? Don't worry, I'll NEVER pull you down or discourage you. As a metter of fact, I'm really encouarged to do this and spending more time writing everyday.

Tell me what you think!

Keep writing,


Don't hate me if you find this post on Nano forums as well :)


Perfectly do-able. I wrote my nano this year in 3 days and a few hours. Yes, I'm pretty insane, and had quite a bit of time on my hands at the beginning of the month, but even at this stage, its still possible to finish. You've still got 19 days left.