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Can anyone help me with the name of a book I've forgotten by Enid Blyton (1 Viewer)

All I can remember is that it had a castle in it or some sort of large house with a glass window, looking out of the window here was like a dark forest outside the garden gates. There may well have been a fountain within the castle gardens. I know this is a longshot but If this is familiar to anyone please help me out. Also I remember there being a nursery and a nanny within the castle but my memory fails me past that.
Thanks alot for stating the obvious! As I said I've FORGOTTON the title of the book. If you cant help me that's fine but no need to be an irratating smart-ass!


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You can search by author, too. And then you can click on titles that sound familiar and read a synopsis. There are all kinds of tools available that don't require asking other people the name of a book with some detail they aren't likely to remember.

Magitek Angel

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Hoo boy, you picked what may be the worst possible author to forget a book title. That lady wrote someting on the magnitude of ~800 books in her lifetime. Nora Roberts has nothing on Enid Blyton.

Anyways, my best guess is "The Castle of Adventure". Any dice?
woodcut.evolution said:
Hardly. It took me less then 5 minutes to find this page:

Which lists all of the illustrators that worked on her books, including images of the covers they did.

None of those covers are even remotely familiar, but thanks anyways even though you could be doing with a better sense of humor. I'm unsure as to the exact description of the cover but it was quite modern looking at the time which would have been about 10yrs ago. It was a rectangular cover with an either dark blue or purple frame. I'm pretty sure it had the castle window in it and the grounds of the castle. Thanks anyway