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Can a middle grade protagonist be 15 years old? (1 Viewer)

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In my 3 published novels, my MC is 12 in the 1st, 13 in the 2nd, and 14 in the 3rd. In the 4th, she will be 15.
I've done as much research as I could with target audiences and character ages. Although certain people are against characters aging from childhood to adulthood or adolescence, I still plan to do it up to a certain extent and keep a lot of things in mind, like leaving out elements that might be unrelatable to the readers.
Anyway, although books about 15-year-olds are generally classified as young adult, my WIP could still appeal to middle grade readers since it won't be very long (likely less than 200 pages) and have no romance. I have heard of books about characters in their mid-teens that are more for middle grade readers due to the writing simplicity.
According to the details I've shared, do you think this plan will work? I'm already reaching out to people interested in my genre who could be potential influencers, readers, fans, or anything while working on my 4th book.


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My first novel, Dark Side of Joy, has a protagonist that is 12 at the start of the story and 15 at the end. It's audience is intended for adults though. So, perhaps consider the audience first and your protagonist second?
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