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I thought of this while camping with my school on a dark night with one of my mates.

14 friends who are party animals go to a remote campsite in the middle of Montana. At midnight, they are still partying with mloud music blaring and lights everywhere with loads of people getting off with each other. 2 couples then decide to explore the surroundings to try and ise up some testosterone. While exploring there are loads of frights but they are all just the 2 couples scaring each other. After 15 minutes they return but when they get to the campsite there is nothing there, just burning embers from the fire.
There is hysteria as they try to come to sense with the situation. They then take their torches and explore the surroundings, later finding broken tent poles and broken glass and even blood. One of them goes missing. You dont see them die but you sometimes hear her yell while the others run and try to find her.
They eventually discover a house in the middle of the forest that they hear chanting from and they find all their friends but they also find caped figures with no faces. Evntually after a chase they kill the figures one by one with some black humour and rescue their friends but it turns out their friends have changed. The 3 normal people left are attacked and don't survive.

This is meant to be a black horror comedy which is just like any other slasher flick. the deaths are all gory, all the silences chilling. I think this is a whole new genre. A film that yu have no idea what to expect because it doesn't make any sense. You just feel scared and that is the point of a horror film.


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A film that yu have no idea what to expect because it doesn't make any sense.

If you read that on the back of a DVD box, would you buy it or rent it?

Now, that's not to say that movies that don't make any sense haven't made money in the past, but aiming to make a movie that doesn't make sense seems brave to me :).


parhaps youre right but it's a bit like the Texas chainsaw massacre if you think about it. I meant to say the viewer doesnt know why the friends attack, it just happens.